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Tournaments  /  28 Mar 2012, 07:09
Not dead
Where have I been you may ask?
First of all, I'd like to excuse for my English, it isn't the best in written form.

Anyway, I have been really busy at work (System developer), doing stuff for Trafikverket, which is a really big company that is runned by the goverment, deadline was today, and I completed the "mission" yesterday, I also work now for Skövde Kommun.

Anyhow, Hymn of Hope is getting new sign-ups everyday, and its soon not very long until the first monthly tournament will start. I do notice that the Quake-scene is very passive in the aspect of this tournament, and I do understand since there has been people who has promised stuff, and when it actually gets real, they hide in the shadows. Also if someone can major posts on ESR, please contact me, I have problem getting stuff up on ESR, and none major our stuff, this is a shame.

This is a promise, this tournament will continue, and I do hope in my whole heart that you, the community embrace it, and give us a fair chance. What I have failed with so far is trying to get people to sign-up by querying them and nagging on irc, but for some reason I feel that, this shouldnt be needed, if people want this and want QuakeWorld to still be active, they have to pull their part in this, therefor, dont expect me to come to you, because I wont (except for Milton)

So far I Have seen some old timers who has started playing, spoke to a Russian the other day and BuLaT does know about this tournament, and might even sign-up for it.

I also want to thank everyone who has donated, though, these donations will be used in the next tournament, since we already did a announcement, Im not very fund of changing the prize pool everytime someone donates, and so far, the next tournament is looking good(!!!).

In the next couple of days, another announcement will be made, though just hinting that the tournament starts soon. I also want to thank everyone in the staff who has helped out, and andehs blogpost here on made my eyes open up alot, I love the way he writes, really professional.

And last, paradoks, I Have annoyed him so much for posts, and even though he hates it, he still helps out.

Hymn of Hope <- Dont forget to visit and sign-up.

Thank you
2012-03-28, 09:47
Welcome back!

Skövde kommun btw, thats where I live
2012-03-28, 10:32
go zingaooo!!!..
2012-03-28, 12:28
gogo!! =)
2012-03-28, 18:40
I think once you gets the first successful tournament off the ground, the hype for the next one will already be there, resulting in a surge of signups without much additional advertising effort.

It's time to let the actions speak for themselves. greetings from south africa!
2012-03-29, 06:39
I miss you Ake! Hope to see you soon.
2012-03-29, 15:37
There is already Thunderdome, Besmella has several tournaments. Then you got ongoing EQL and now the very active 4on4 Draft. No wonder they are passive when it comes to signing up to yet another 1on1 tournament.

People are already playing tournaments and as you may have noticed, we aren't that many players on the scene

One tournament pretty much covers the whole scene in terms of potential signups.
Thunderdome is probably gathering the biggest crowd cause of a new 1on1 format in QW.. adopting EQL's divisional system.

But tournaments come and go fast in QW. So I will agree with Ake Vader. It's been a whole lot of talk about HoH and about zero action. We wanna see the actual tournament going and what it has to offer that the others don't. Well for one we saw a very nice trailer and it has a prizepool. Also promises nice coverage. At least the latter parts we will have to wait for the tournament to observe. It has to stand the test of at least 1 season and be ready to go again.

Also you announced it looong time in advance and people have a short memory AND short attention span. Lets see once the other tourneys come to an end and most players are knocked out - perhaps then they would be more inclined to signup I think.

Best of luck though! I'm sure if you keep up with the same level of enthusiasm it's gonna be great once it actually starts

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2012-03-30, 12:41
Exactly like I wrote in my post too, that it will probably take awhile for people to accept this tournament and it needs to be runned once, and next time it will be more attractive.
2012-04-11, 18:28
You should probably remind people that the tournament will be played this weekend. I am sure most of those who registered a month ago completely forgot about it and will possibly make different plans for this weekend, unless they get some reminder.
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