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Movies  /  6 Feb 2012, 09:55
Theres a party going on!
Hi people!

I am glad to announce that my video I recorded on qhlan 2011 has finally a release date:

Sunday 19. February 2012 21:00CET @

Ill release the link to the video on irc, at 21.00Cet. I hope everyone who is curious will join me, and have a little irc party goin on.

Looking forward to see you!
2012-02-06, 10:07
2012-02-06, 10:10
yaaaay defcon ftw
2012-02-06, 10:51
2012-02-06, 12:34
irc party sounds awesome
2012-02-06, 17:04
Great Defcon 5 - looking forward to it! I'm sure this should break the record for the amount of people idling in at the same time
2012-02-06, 21:38
Have waited a long time for this movie! Nice
2012-02-08, 16:32
Great news. I'm gonna join the IRC party.
2012-02-14, 10:20
2012-02-21, 08:27
BRA FEST, minst sagt..!
2012-02-21, 16:54
I liked the movie but it was SAD!!!

Now we need a quake COMEDY! Make it happen, Mr. Defcon 5
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