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Movies  /  23 Oct 2011, 21:27
Camera, Set, aaaaaaand Action!
Iam going to make a movie about qhlan/qwcommunity, plz smile!
Hey guys, Iam going to attend the qhlan, but not as you think, for shooting, but for shooting with my camera. I intend to make a movie of the quakeworld scene/players/fascination and so on.
Iam not goint to disurb you while you have important matches, but I really want to show some emotions caused by this great game.
Iam really looking forward since this is my first qhlan and Iam very interested whos behind those nicks I played since 2004.

see you
2011-10-23, 22:33
You not going to play at all? I signed up but that was before business trips to Austria and Portugal, only coming home on 4th of November which will be a bit tight.

Should grab a beer the next time i'm in Vienna btw, as that will probably happen again (working for an Austrian company).
2011-10-24, 16:15
LAN footage of players playing is awesome gj
2011-10-25, 09:19
Great stuff defcon! Can't wait to see the result

And as we all know Ake sure likes to grab a beer! Especially a Staropramen if I remember correctly?
2011-10-25, 13:23
Indeed, those were the days...with Bjudia & Co
2011-10-26, 06:31
gl dude
2011-10-26, 08:25
If there's a QW meet up in or near Vienna, please let me know too since I am living here now!
2011-10-26, 13:12
2011-10-26, 13:22
Hi raz0, is saw it on the qhlan page, and I was like: WTF ? An Austrian player I dont know yet??? Lets talk more on the qhlan!!
2011-10-31, 13:51
Do it! I want to see some good interviews too

Make sure you DO interrupt paradoks while he's playing/eating, like I did...
2011-10-31, 18:09
lol, make sure u record the crowd watching my new QW vid I'll be makin ready to be shown @ qhlan.
2011-11-03, 19:43
Not technically an Austrian player LOL. More like a Danish emigrant.
2011-11-07, 09:55
So did you go there Defcon?
2011-11-07, 13:30
He did. Shot tons of footage as far as I could tell too. I am really looking forward to the result!
2011-11-08, 11:07
give us the juicy stuff defcon! =)
2011-11-08, 15:45
Defcon, nice meeting you! Are you at IRC? If so, please come by #suddendeath and say hi
2011-12-01, 22:49
Cool. Will the video be a news post here on the site.
Would be cool so nobody miss it.
2011-12-02, 19:02
sure thing!
2011-12-05, 10:35
So where are them pictures at?
2011-12-07, 11:38
Sure would be nice to see. A month later and no pictures whatsoever from QHLAN, so the video would be much appreciated!
2011-12-08, 12:21
blame zalon on this. i made a few pics, and he got all of them, even bps has them. they just need to upload it somewhere here.
2012-02-03, 14:12
Where is ze movie? :E
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