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Misc  /  2 Oct 2011, 16:39
Abandoning mx518
Since like forever , i've used logitech mx518 to play qw. As most users of this mouse is aware, the old logitech driver does not support increased USB-pollingrate.
In a OS that requires all drivers to be signed (vista/7 home premium), you would have to go thru a lot of hassle to sign a hacked usbport.sys with a test-signature and enable driver testing.

When this finaly succeeds, you would still be stuck at ~600-700hz pollingrate

In g400, logitech has recognized the greatness of mx518 and kept all the good features like shape and price, but included a modern driver that supports 1000hz out of the box. I did some playtesting and the only difference is slightly different color and maybe the cord is bit lighter.

A round of xs4all playtesting delivers the hard fact:

willgurht wrote:
You will not automaticly win dm6 vs locktar using this mouse alone, but you will atleast slap some noobs around in the ffa

2011-10-02, 20:59
btw check out 5th match in korean wcg preliminaires group G
2011-10-05, 06:29
And I recently bought 2 mx518 mice just in case!
2011-10-05, 15:59
You do not need any sort of drivers to be able to run mice at higher than 125Hz, since the polling rate can be changed on hardware level on any "modern" mice.

I don't even remember which mouse I owned that didn't support higher than 125Hz polling rate by default, but if I try very had, I think the last one that didn't was MX510, so G5, G9, Xai, Kinzu, Zowie EC1 and G300 have all had at least 500Hz (or even 1000Hz) polling rate by default.

As for the "good feature" being the shape of mx510/518/g5/g500/g400, I also thought they had great shape... until I used few other mice and realized the opposite.
2011-10-05, 16:24
gimme more juicy info renzo.
what are the "few other mice"?
2011-10-05, 16:39
From that list above:

Adequate: EC1
Good ones: G9 (precision grip), G300.

G300 is a bit small to my hands, but I'm getting there with it. It's possible that G300 will be "the mouse" I always wanted, but that remains to be seen in the future, less than week is too little time to get used to it anyway...
2011-10-05, 17:15
How about some reviews then Renzo? )

It seems that the g300 sensor positioning is a bit weird though.

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2012-01-11, 00:00
g400 +1
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