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EQL  /  5 Jul 2011, 07:12
Div1 player wanted
Ahoi, Im searching for a div1 player that can fil into this profile:
Clans info:

* no pracs
* only EQL (tourneys)
* div1
* max 5 members
* no name yet

What the clan will not get:

* irc
* activity
* players leaving

What the clan will get:

* Div1
* ~3 EQL games/day-we-play
* high standard of egos

for more, signup right here for duty
2011-07-05, 10:30
IRC is banned for people joining the clan, don't do it!!!
2011-07-06, 17:23
5 div1 members + sassa
looks h0t!

Edited by mushi on 06 Jul 11 @ 18:23CET
2011-09-05, 10:22
What about your clan Sassa? Anything going on?
2011-09-06, 18:26
nope, got only 2 members
2011-09-25, 17:16
You should contact dag and other quake players who don't play anymore. I think it will be hard recruiting people to a clan with the promise of no activity
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