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EQL  /  5 Apr 2011, 16:14
EQL13 - quarter-final predictions
It's play-off time - yeah! Who's going to be sliding through the glory hole towards a semi, and who's going to be taking a quarter-pounding? I'm going to discuss these very questions in this blog...
Division 1

There has been some controversy over the end of the regular season, with a flurry of activity from TeamKillers (TKs) seeing them steal the last play-off spot from Slackers II (SR2). I'm not going to debate the rights and wrongs of what happened, but to me it's great that the games got played and the team who performed best according to EQL's merit system made it to the play-offs. The merit system in itself needs review, however. TKs and SR2 played 14 matches, but TKs only won 2 compared to SR2's 4. If clans earned 4 points for a match win, rather than 3, this would give more incentive and reward for winning matches rather than just turning up and maybe squeezing out a 2-1 defeat. Under this system, SR2 would have finished 4 points ahead of TKs, which certainly seems more just when you consider the number of match wins for each team and that SR2 beat TKs twice in the regular season.

Anyway, that is something for the over-worked EQL crew to discuss before season 14. Meanwhile in season 13, it's hard to see anything other than a victory for Slackers (SR). They have dominated division 1 this season and have only lost one map, and it is difficult to see them dropping many maps during the playoffs if they keep their activity up. I am going make a bold prediction now: Slackers to win the play-offs without losing a map. There, I said it.


Suddendeath (SD) vs TeamKillers (TKs)
SD won the regular season games 2-0 and 2-1, with TKs snatching a DM3 and almost winning E1M2 in the second encounter. DM2 was a pretty comfortable win both times for SD, so bps & co should have no trouble taking that home here. TKs may be able to sneak a map, but I'd be surprised if they got more than one.
Prediction: 3-0 to SD

CCCP vs Fusion (F)
Both regular season games ended up in narrow 2-1 wins for F, so this one is difficult to call. Both teams won an E1M2 in those games by 4 frags or fewer - choosing the winner of that one is something of a coinflip! F should be able to take home DM3, and I would expect them to pick that twice in a best of 5 match-up. If F can get their strongest line-up out, I think they will just sneak this one and get into the semis. This is the game to watch!
Prediction: 3-2 to F

Division 2

Bad luck troopers (BLT) vs O Clan (O)
Fun fact - by combining these clans' abbreviations you can spell "BOLT". And I tip the Bacon Sandwich Brigade from Finland to BOLT into the semi-finals without too many alarms here. BLT have been strong in the regular season whilst O have played well without winning many games.
Prediction: 3-0 to BLT

Lastentarha (KOFF) vs Chosen (Csn)
Likewise, it's tough to see anything but a 3-0 to the favourites here. Scenic and his boys lost just one match in the regular season, and that was on the day that Scenic decided to stay in the sauna rather than play Quake. In the regular season, KOFF picked up a fairly comfortable 2-0 win.

Dinosaurs & Noobs (D&N) vs WarPigs (WP)
This is a really close one to call. In the regular season, WP picked up DM2 by a safe margin, whilst D&N won the other 2 maps by only 4 frags. It's safe to say therefore, that this one can go either way. Neither clan has been super-active of late (24 & 29 rounds of 4on4 in the last month respectively), either.
Prediction: 3-2 to D&N... or to WP... or it could be 3-0 with all 3 maps having frag differences of 1-2 frags... I really don't know

Magnum 44 (M44) vs Fraggers United (FU)
FU have been marginally more active in the last month, with 46 maps played compared to M44's 28. M44 won the regular season game 2-1 against a strong FU team and I'd tip them to take this one home 3-2, winning DM2 twice and DM3.
Prediction: 3-2 to M44

Division 3

Mob of Oddballs (MOFO) vs Aut Vincere Aut Mori (VM)
On paper, this is a 3-0 win to MOFO. MOFO have been very active with 43 maps in the last month, but VM shame even them with their recent record - 79 maps in the last month! This has been reflected by a big improvement in their teamplay, especially on E1M2 and DM2, and MOFO should not expect an easy ride. That said, if MOFO get their best team out then they should have too much for the improving Russians.
Prediction: 3-1 to MOFO

Osams (OS) vs Machinery (M)
We won this won 2-0 in the regular season and it was pretty comfortable. That doesn't tell us much though, because both teams were without a key player - Steppa for us and Sniegowy for M. We have only played 21 maps in the last month, but M have only played 11. If both teams get their best line-ups out, this will be a corker. M will probably take DM2, while I am confident that we are a better E1M2 team. Our DM3 game has been strong lately, so I think we should just shade this match. I wouldn't want to put any money on it, however. Machinery are certainly good enough to win this play-off if they can get over the first hurdle.
Prediction: 3-2 to Osams

Boomstick Ownators (BO) vs Paras
Pretty simple one - if Paras field Feari, Final, Netspider and Panjabi, they will win this one, probably 3-0. With that line-up they are as good as the best teams in the division. Stripped of one or two of those players, they fall into the middle of the pack and BO will fancy their chances of getting to the next stage. BO won in the regular season when Paras didn't field their tip-top team for that game.
Prediction: 3-0 to Paras if they get their best line-up out... otherwise 3-1 to BO

In A Blaze (ABLZ) vs Oddballs (Odd)
Odd have been very active lately and have improved a lot throughout the season. Pektopah and Muffin are their key players and with conditions in their favour, they could be enough to win this game. They are strong on E1M2, but so are ABLZ, unfortunately. The Fins won 2-1 in the regular season, but Odd have improved a lot since then. I fancy MOFO Junior to take this one in a tight five-mapper.
Prediction: 3-2 to Odd
2011-04-06, 07:09
Is it bo5 in the quarterfinals? 8)
2011-04-06, 08:19
It has been bo5 in all play-off rounds in the last few seasons
2011-04-06, 12:28
Will Valla play?
2011-04-06, 13:09
Updated to include divs 2 & 3
2011-04-06, 21:50
We won koff in prac today by 2-1 :E Hope we can prove you wrong gazza 8)
2011-04-07, 05:50
So Paras is all about Feari?
2011-04-07, 06:46
I hope so too Hagge
2011-04-07, 19:29
"Prediction: 3-2 to Osams"

2011-04-07, 20:56
0 map loss for SR? They're gonna lose 3 maps in the semis even
2011-04-07, 21:48
Atleast we won 2 maps vs Koff, ggs!
2011-04-07, 22:14
Gaz owned 8)
2011-04-10, 22:33
suprise all div3 predictions = BIG FAIL :E heheh
2011-04-11, 09:42
hehe, sure is :E
2011-04-11, 12:16
Map wins are always a bit tricky to predict. At least you got some match winners right
2011-04-11, 12:52
Hehe, paras had their best lineup, still 3-2 to BO but super close games. Very hard to predict that stuff
2011-04-11, 16:27
@14 not in div 3 . My guess - teamplay in div 3 is a bit chaotic. Teams know how to control map, but takeover it's diffrent story. So a lot depends on spawns . But div1 and div2 predictions were fine.
2011-04-12, 06:25
nice predictions gaz, awesome that some peeps writes those
2011-05-28, 18:52
Not to be rude, but 'newcomers' are often less experienced. Come on guys, we played this game in DOS on our 486 66mhz machine in 1996 windows 95 was even back then _VERY_ rare, and no one used it at all, because there was no point to do that, qw was even slower there. And everyone that did was used to a input line where you actual wrote something, those who did not had no choice, because there was really nothing else to play, i can still remember how i used the minimum viewsize available and stretched my crt monitor to make it fullscreen, and even then it was laggy. Today people are served with things. I guess no other game in the world have so much features qw had, And people are just to lazy to fix everything. And there is way less ffa servers then back in 98' and 99'. And saying 1on1 is better for newbies is nonsenses. what we need is a big ffa server, wit lots of map, where people can sit everyday. But it's different from now and then, back then you could actual just join a qwserver, play there for 8hours/day then people would start to chat, and that was how i made my first clan . And back then, there was so much clan you could play so much more then now. Each clan had their own homepage, almost everyone was on dialup/isdn and the community was way larger, today we have the same crowd, and people are just scared of other people, or hate them, or won't play them because blabla, then the drama starts. something that actual would be fun, was if, all players in the community signed up to a big list, all players, regardless used the same teamplay messages, and had some hack to the voice communication so you could'nt hear who you where speaking with, and rule number one was to never tell your realnick. We could randomize everything from clan name, color and/or nick, and we would have a really funny tournament where nobody knew no one.. and all had the same syntax of our teamreports... we could even have our own 'fake' ircserver where everything was spoofed, to make it even more interesting, today the thing that really knocked me off the scene was that some people in the scene is really rude,and use really bad language and being real idiots to each other, (including myself of course). Everyone knows each other, and we even know how they move, how to exploit them and etc, it really feels like this big family have grown up, and that everyone is in a relationship with each other, like one old lady and one old guy, always tossing about everything.

We really need the 'randomizer' where no one tell how they are. As everyone then is forced to fakenick, and play in a fakeclan where they know no one, it's like meeting new people, and all players should explicit lie about everything, because then, our 'family' would be like some teenagers first love, and everyone might be more nice to each other

Just some thoughts, i still love you all, after 15 years, but it feels more that everyone just being impolite and very rude all the time, throwing out stuff
and picking on each other, because of rumors and real hate within the scene, one very good example of this is ParadokS, who always is hated by some, and called an idiot, honestly, i don't get it. this guy actual made this entire scene to live at all. Regarding the 'knowing' was something i learned myself by playing hundreds or even thousands of DM2. How people take in to account what the nick they have when playing someone. I was as Paradoks, i cheated (wallhack) and spectating the other player. However, that was just to learn how to play, because, honestly, i was just to lazy to learn. However, these great knowledge learned me the pattern of DM2. However, if i used real nick, and turned of the cheating, and if some good player came in they would win me so easy, such as ParadokS, because he knew he was better then me, and could use his full power. Nevertheless he could not when i faked, because then he did go insecure.

So, what do you say Ladies and Gentlemen s?

A big randomized tournament,

Maybe the old dogs will come back then.

And yes, TB3 only in both 1on1/2on2/4on4. So we don't have to play boring shit maps such as aerowalk and ztndm3... which really sucks.

Instead of a big family, which could be considered equal to partnership between two very old people, we would become a 'mafia' where everyone explicit lied, and there would be a 'virtual' scene, and everyone might not be that secure about everything, or as good as they usual are. Ofcourse, someone not so active should take care of everything, and those who did, should not be a part of the scene at all, as we don't want anyone to tell. After the entire tournament had ended everyone could, if they wished, tell

It would be so funny. Everyone could get their new mail, there new nick assigned and everything, just to make sure everything was random
2011-05-28, 18:56
For clarification, there was no QW back in 96, i really meant Real Quake (RQ), and yes there's one play in the text where 'how' should be 'who'
2011-05-28, 19:09
And yes.. this whole, comment really came in the wrong... comment field..
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