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Interviews  /  21 Feb 2011, 21:14
Skilla interview
Whats going on with Fusion this EQLseason?
I got hold of Skillah wiki for some questions.

Look everyone is pointing at Skillah
Hi and welcome to Skillah, can you tell us some of your background history (both QW and outside of QW)?

Hi there! My name is Stefan Bruinsma, born on 17-08-1982 in Groningen and besides QW I also love music. Currently I work as a bookings agents for bands and I also produce my own music. I have started playing netquake during 1998 when a friend of mine introduced it to me. That lasted till 2001 when most of my friends on the net vanished or went to QuakeWorld. I switched aswell and play QW since then.

You are now in EQL13 with Fusion and there are alot of good teams, can you rank up the teams (take away fusion) for top3 and tell me who you fear the most of the opponents?

My top 3 at this moment would be 1: Slackers, 2: Clan Malfunction and 3: Suddendeath & CCCP
Fear? What is the meaning off this word?

Lets go right to the more tactical questions
I dont know how much you have watched milton or the other great players but one thing that Milton dosnt do alot (compaired to other players) is flooding a RL enemy who he think has low Health more than one time. Is that something you think alot of players do in vain and just give away more frags to the enemy team?

I think flooding the enemy rl is one of the most powerfull tools in good 4on4 teamplay. But it can only work if you have more then one sg guy helping you out when pressuring their weapons. So sometimes it is better to stay away and don't give away free frags. One of the teams that are really good in flooding in my opinion are Teamkillers. We still have to work on that aspect within Fusion, it seems sometimes we all have our own plans and the weak enemy rl escapes

So to answer your question, yes i think a lot of players flood in vain, but also a lot of players lack the teamplay to make a good flooding work.

Why are less players using less sneaky tactical stuff, like behind window tele (DM3) or more sneaky at SNG/tele(DM3) etc??

There can be only one Blaze?
Nah, I guess it has something to do with the offensive style of playing that people like to do and watch.
Playing cs is really usefull but it can get boring when you don't have triggertime for 2 min.
I know I can't stay at the same spot longer then 5 sec, maybe something to work on!

When I look at tVS I see that they have always been excellent when it comes to timing RL and owning the whole rl+water area on dm3, how come no other team manage to outbeat them there?

Cheats, ghosting and ping?
Haha, I think they do so well because they have really solid teamplay, good communication on voice, hot timing on weapons, good aim and they don't choke in officials. It seems they know exactly when to roulate a weak teamm8 rl at bridge ya so he can stack up again at the red armor.

Very annoying..

What makes Fusion the best team in QW?

The ability to adept to our enemies and never give up.
We are driven by one single goal and that is to crown ourselves the div 1 champs someday!
We are like roaches, you can kill us but we allways come back stronger

Who is most upcoming young star in the lower divs?

Good question, there are many new players that have improven a lot lately.
But at the moment I think rkd is showing a great form. Not entirely sure how long he is playing QW but he went from n00b to (semi) pro in like 3 or 4 months. Great stuff and I hope more upcoming players will get better for the sake of the scene!

What team will you play this week and how will the result be?

We are playing cmf this sunday and ofcourse I'm hoping for a win (2-1).
It will be a close game and the result for us will depend on our prac activity and our line-up.
Can't wait, you bought your popcorn already?

I always have them as back up

What do you think of Sassa the king?

[19:40:26] <roz> Im your king, obey

Last question: Who do you want me to interview next and why (you cant pick teammembers)? (and add a question you want to them)

It would be really nice to have an interview with Moltas! If it ever happens I would ask him: Which player in QW annoys you the most?

Thanks for the interview, any shoutouts?

My pleasure man! Shoutouts for the fusion crew and all the others keeping their guns loaded! Cya round
2011-02-21, 21:55
good stuff
2011-02-22, 07:35
Skillahs answers really reflects his style when playing qw. Swift and to the point but not without a sense of humor.
2011-02-22, 09:51
Indeed Hooraytio.

Have to say it's nice to see sassa providing some value for once! How about making this a weekly thing? We need more interviews! Hopefully moltas won't say no
2011-02-22, 10:04
Skillah <3
2011-02-22, 11:07
I agree with Hagge, try to keep it at this level Sassa (and improve from here ofc)
2011-02-22, 13:40
Hot stuff, Skillah

I've personally enjoyed every single blog post from Sassa lately. This is no exception. Keep it up!
2011-02-22, 14:16
I approve of this article, my name is mentioned.
2011-02-22, 14:52
I approve of everything in it except the mentioning of rkd.
2011-02-22, 16:14
hi! keep it going!
2011-02-22, 16:15
I approve of everything except Hagge disapproving the mentioning of rkd.
2011-02-22, 16:43
I do not approve of any of the article except for Hagge approving of it except the mentioning of rkd
2011-02-22, 19:02
2011-02-22, 19:05
#2 Hora
I haveto agree with you, I got the same impression of Skillah, his style reflects alot on himself!

#3 Hagge
dunno if I can point out it as a weekly thing, Ill do what I enjoy doing and this was a player I wanted to read/know more of and Moltas sure is someone I want to get hold of:

#6 Rikoll
I want more sandwiches from you Glad that someone else than me have this bizzare sort of humor
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