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EQL  /  17 Feb 2011, 21:24
[tVS]Blaze goes Fusion-blaze
tVS takes a longer break than I (we?) thought and will not apear in this round of EQL.


Gaz has done a great preview of the divisions and I will not get into that since his roundup is very well done!


Many people look at Fusion with big eyes now that they got mr Blaze but not me, I have had eyes on them for a while now and they are better without tVS-Scottie Pippen (or even more tVS-Rodman?) than with him!

With the information of nitram, will be more idle this season, will mix up Fusions lineup and now we need to see who their top 4 players are but before we do that I will add something VERY ODD I just saw in a game between Fusion and Slackers.mix @ dm2:

- Map dm2 - around 10min?!? vs Slackers
- Fusion have controll of YA/tele+High
- Quad in 15sec
- Rikoill has 150+100+rl at high, mega is at GL with no gl/rox there
- Blaze has 150+100+rl at ya/tele

What just breaks me apart is that Rikoll points at mega @ mega and saves it for Blaze + lets Blaze take the Quad.... do you really think a Pippen can become a Jordan?
Think twice Fusion and start with this lineup instead:

chris / lacsap

if you find blaze good enough to make it for the starting lineup, then use him as Slackers did with en_kar l= "the new teleguy" for a season or two!

any objections?

PS Squeeze is h0t as fuck but the ping is not the best if you wanna go for #1
PS2. I love the idea of Slackers 2_v2 but v1 would spank them any given day!
2011-02-18, 08:06
I would go for blaze instead of kingpin or skillah on dm2 every time though. They are not bad but blaze is better. With no real "starplayer" (all of them are good tho) they will need to tune their lineup for each map instead of trying to make out someone of them to be the star.
2011-02-18, 10:57
Sassa :-D

Well, when you're in a pretty new (I call us new since theres quite alot of changes since we played last season) active team, much of the point of pracs is to try new things, figure out what works and not, and change the routine accordingly to improve. If we should use our "top lineup", whatever that is, I'm pretty sure blaze would be included on all three maps, but DM2 is perhaps his weakest and maybe some other combination of players would work better there. Right now it's just really fun to play with an active team again, and get nice pracs with whatever lineup we have available.
2011-02-18, 11:18
Nowadays Sassa only contributes to the qw scene with whine :E
2011-02-18, 11:38
Yeah, earlier he caused a lot of whine. These days he provides it!
2011-02-18, 16:06
blAze is quite clearly the worst player, and simply by the mercy of God, he managed to be the team's best or 2nd best fragger in all 4 games he played vs us :E Not that frags tell the whole story, as I was last in our only map win on dm2 and still managed to kill 14 rox and dropped only 2 :f
2011-02-19, 01:02
amy diamond forever
2011-02-19, 04:08
plz miley cyrus > amy diamond any day!
2011-02-19, 09:34
what about justin bieber??
2011-02-19, 12:55
stop hyping your boyfriend hagge
2011-02-19, 13:42
2011-02-20, 00:21
I hadn't played anything since the eql pro bronze game and gave some horrible performances so I guess the criticism is justified.

Greets from Brazil btw.
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