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Misc  /  15 Feb 2011, 15:39
BPS vs Kingping + Miltonen
In a previous article I wrote about Murdoc wiki showing some anger, in pic
ONE and TWO and somehow BPS wiki showed me some of that QW anger in a tight battle betwen him and Kingpin wiki, if that wasnt enough, mighty Milton wiki went into the bm battle at the end


I was able to get some nasty screenshots during and after the game to show that our community isnt only a fair-play ground, but is also where some players show their anger in form of words....

The background history of the Players then?
Kingpin wiki

A ex Jugoslavian player, living in Malmö, Sweden playing with his 12 ping, he often plays povdmm4/aerowalk when he isnt into the 4on4 mix servers.

He is not known for his bm but is well known for suxing @ DM4

Contributions to QW: NONE

BPS wiki

The good ole B(jud)P(arty)S(thlm) = BPS has been in the top 4on4 teams the past 5 years, with his QHLAN14 2on2 Win (with Goblin) as the best result!

The kindness Bjud is not known for his bm but this will change after this article

Contributions to QW: ALOT ALOT and ALOT + this wonderfull picture (of himself) that he got to do for this article without knowing

Milton wiki

The best player in QW since 2009, winning almost every Cup/league he has entered

His bm is yet not known

Contribution to QW: none that I know of

Motorized wiki

Ordinary player within the scene that normally specs games @ qtv or plays POV?!?

Contribution to QW: Had some servers back in the day, thats about it...


The games, 7 of Feb 2011 started around 23:00 CET at Pangela servers

Game 1: KP 1-0 BPS
Kingpin won the first match 41 - 17
BM= Very little..

Game2: KP 1-1 BPS
BPS winning 27-22
BM= some but very little

Game3: KP 2-1 BPS
Kingpin winning 34-23
BM= here bps started the flames but not enough for the eye to catch

Game4: KP 3-1 BPS
Kingpin winning 40-15
BM= yes baby yes Bps going full throttle

Game5: KP 3-2 BPS
BPS getting back and winning 33-21
BM= BPS was going at KP alot during the fight but stopped in the end due to winning

Game6: KP 4-2 BPS
BPS could even out the scores here but KP won pretty easy with 32-18
BM= very very HEAVY, you will see the screenshots from this game and in the end mr.Milton got into the action



BPS: but look
BPS: that I even hassled to play vs you
BPS: and your fucking "monkey"luck

(can someone translate tatttar better?)


BPS: look
BPS: the lucky one
BPS: I hope you burn inside


BPS: Do you see?
BPS good smiley


BPS: Fair?
BPS: monkey (tatter)


BPS: you tolerate huh?
BPS: and survive?


BPS: I feel sorry for you


BPS: You win some maps because you get "lucky shots"
Motorized: can you explain a few of all your bm that we have seen through the game?
KP: "luckyshots"?
BPS: True, I demand a 40cm mousepad to "spin/turn" to get a spawn
BPS: you "lucky based" get in everything
BPS: with your fucking monkey way
KP: its not only luck?


BPS: Congratulations


QTV-MILTON: I OWN (swedish)
QTV-Motorized: you own? who do you own?
QTV-Milton: I own everyone


QTV-Milton: but your easy on DM4 (about KP)
BPS: would need a speech therapist
BPS sleep
BPS: take care
BPS: bye
"BPS dropped"

Now that was fun
2011-02-15, 15:49
I have no idea what this is about but this 'bm' thing really irritates me. Presume it comes from korean sc :/
2011-02-15, 15:50
All I can hear is "fap fap fap"
2011-02-15, 15:52
BTW kingpin contributes to QW plenty by playing well and providing drama but of coz you already know that
2011-02-15, 16:10
this blog is more bm than anything else in the scene.
2011-02-15, 17:34
hahahahahaha <3 the bps picture
2011-02-15, 17:39

Nice one. Can be frustrating to play kp on aero when he got the kp flyt.
2011-02-15, 19:09
Tattare = Gypsy.

Well written article as always Sassa, or maybe not 8)
2011-02-15, 23:05

pure class sassa!

keep up the good work
2011-02-16, 02:50
I heard zero ragequit from a haxball game, maybe you should write something about that aswell.
2011-02-16, 07:44
Hey Bps I am happy for you and Imma let you finish but Lege Artis had some of the best shit actors of all time, of _all_ time!
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