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Clans  /  7 Feb 2011, 18:55
Murdoc showing some of that anger
Saw Danny playing a mix just now and damn he was in rage the whole game... here are some bits of the game that I cought in jpeg

Rage #1

Rage #2
2011-02-07, 19:50
At least mixrage is one thing that's entertaining about mixes :-)
2011-02-07, 19:53
gotta agree with you rikoll, its very entertaining
2011-02-07, 20:13
D sassa troll!
2011-02-07, 22:58
would be good if murdoc had anything else to say than "jesus" and "donkey" Be
2011-02-08, 09:25
Murdoc is very good at constructive criticism, along with the whole SR team actually...
2011-02-08, 13:47
learn to play donkeys!
2011-02-08, 14:50
Could you please tell me how I can play donkeys? It's a very unfamiliar area for me.
2011-02-08, 14:53
I think its a game slackers play on their secret server. Its like tag but instead of saying "you're it!" they say "donkey!"
2011-02-08, 15:17
donkeys means HAXBALL!
2011-02-08, 16:13
Hooraytio new candidate for tvs?
2011-02-08, 16:30
2011-02-08, 17:06
Yeah, they thought it was 2ez last season, so they decided to recruit Hooraytio Be
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