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Misc  /  2 Feb 2011, 22:37
who is this moltas?
Been watching the past months and I have seen some nice quality games almost everynight until now... there has only been CCCP vs DC on QTV for hours and hours...
The man going almost always #1 is Moltas!

So who is this moltas?

some div2 div3ish player that often plays mix??

He has always been on my list of "famous because of others" and others is in this case Avenger. They seemed for a long time, teamup in lower div clans, owning the shit out of teams with their kurwa ping.
I never really had a chat with the dude, even though I prolly played around 200mix with him... so my question is, who is this moltas?

Get your ass over here and spit out some questions for us:

who are you?
how long u been kuejkein?
favo player?
favo game?
favo team
now and all time favos....

etc etc

and what do u think of the good all mighty sassa?
2011-02-03, 01:44
moltas iz teh shiiiat!
2011-02-03, 13:00
Kurwa ping? Isn't moltas 12ms swe. :S
2011-02-03, 13:44
haha ye moltas is from northern sweden very quiet player, doesn't talk much and not much of a dramaqueen! yet very skilled though

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2011-02-03, 13:50
This blog is just incomprehensibly bad on later days. For the sake of mankind, please delete it (or at least stop writing).
2011-02-03, 14:05
I agree with fed
2011-02-03, 18:34
Yeah I don't spec QW nowadays too much, but when I do and moltas is playing, I always notice he's very fast and accurate, really entertaining to watch.
2011-02-03, 19:54
Famous because of other might have been true in the past (like, five years ago?) but i am confident he would not only fit into ANY of the top teams currently. Actually not only just fit into, but rather be a very good addition to most of them.
2011-02-03, 22:57
I here shout out into your shaddow den, for I seek the truth about you
2011-02-04, 02:57
I played with Moltas from the end of 2005. We played in Triada together with Avenger.
I think EQL2 was our first official tournament.
2011-02-04, 03:06
And according to my logs, Moltas starts to play a lot of mixes since July of 2004.
2011-02-04, 03:28
Not that I know of the Moltas of old but the Moltas of late is one of the best div1 players out there and I don't think there's any div1 team that would be able to turn him down if he wished to join them.
2011-02-04, 07:35
The downside seems to be that he isnt that interested to go all the way and become div0 with some good team. Seems to jump around when things get too serious.
2011-02-04, 08:47
I have a crush on Moltas.

Very sexy, friendly and relaxed d00d.
2011-02-04, 13:34
AFAIK moltas lives in Lund? But maybe he moved down here from the north :-) We tried to get him to one of our lans back in 2002-2003 in the Lund area, but can't remember if he showed up or not. At least he wasn't such a great player as he is today.

Think moltas has been around for a longer time than what most people think though, but it seemed like he started playing more from 2004 and on.

Otherwise I have to agree with #4. Sassa get your act together!
2011-02-04, 15:52
BTW welcome to USA, B1aze
2011-02-05, 00:33
I really like Moltas's silent ninja style, Ive never seen him speaking(writing) besides the smiles, and i spectated him a LOT. I Think even the almighty Sassa the great cant lure him here. #4 disagree, it would be cool to read anything about Moltas, but i see 0 chance
2011-02-23, 02:06

I might be mistaken Hagge ^.^ just had some memory that he was from northern Sweden... I think someone was his real life buddy up in like some weird place up there haha, gotta catch him on some server and find out =)
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