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EQL  /  29 Nov 2010, 12:21
I always enjoy a good semi
The last shots have been fired in anger in the EQL12 division 1 quarter-finals, so it's time to have a look ahead to the semi-final match-ups.
Slackers vs Suddendeath
Likely line-ups
SR: ParadokS, Murdoc, En_Karl, Zero, StrikeR
SD: Razor, Lakso, Molle, Bps, Reppie, Goblin, Mawe
Regular season: SR 2-1 SD

The number of potential competitors on either side tells its own story. Slackers have enjoyed a season where they have been able to use a core of 5 players for most of the games. With "div 0" veteran ParadokS back in full active action and the high-class skills of Murdoc and Zero to support him, SR have been red hot all season and are the sure favourites for this semi-final. Meanwhile, SD's line-up is more open to debate and while they are sure to field a high quality team, they cannot claim to have a settled "first four" to rival Slackers'.

Prediction: 3-1 to SR

I'm not going to second-guess either team's map choices, but here is how I see each map going.

DM2: Suddeandeath won this in the regular season, and after a solid performance vs Sauna in the quarters, I can see them sneaking this one home. They will need Bps and Razor to be at their best to stop Zero & co, however. SD

DM3: SD surprised a lot of people with their fairly comfortable victory against Sauna on DM3 last night, but this is the SR homemap du jour, and it's very difficult to see anything other than a big win for Slackers. SR

E1M2: SD are strong here, and this map will probably be the closest of the lot. SR's experience and the E1M2 expertise of Zero should see them home when it comes to the crunch. SR

CMT1b: SD showed their lack of knowledge of this map in their quarter-final match vs Sauna, where they had enough kit to win the round but just didn't have the routine or experience to make it count. Slackers on the other hand have put in just enough practice on this one and should have it in the bag. SR

CMT4: Diki of TVS declared that if 4on4 was just about aim, SD would win EQL. If they truly do have the best aim, then they will have a great chance of winning CMT4, due to the nature of the fights in the quad, RA and LG rooms. Slackers have more experience on the map, however, and they won this one pretty comfortably in the regular season, so I have to go with them again here. SR

The Viper Squad vs Fusion
Likely line-ups
tVS: Milton, Ihminen, blAze, Diki/ XantoM
F: Nitram (Valla), Chris (Serox), Lacsap (Xterm), Kingpin, Skillah, Rikoll
Regular season: tVS 2-1 F

If I was picking the F team, I would be fielding Nitram, Lacsap and Rikoll across the board, with Serox and Kingpin switching depending on the map. However, it is likely that we will see Nitram/Lacsap/Serox/Kingpin on DM3 at the least. tVS will be hoping that XantoM is available for this game, and his presence will significantly boost their chances of a win here.

Prediction: 3-1 to tVS


DM2: This has been a stronghold of tVS for some time, but cracks have started to appear in their armour of late. They lost this map against both SR and F in the regular season, and F will certainly fancy their chances of notching a win here too. With XantoM back, tVS should find their routine again and I'd back them to pick up a map win. Otherwise, it's anyone's game. tVS

DM3: With Valla in their line-up, it's no surprise to see DM3 as a favourite of Fusion. tVS won this one in the regular season, but have been schooled by Slackers on here at QHLAN and in EQL, so Fusion will fancy their chances. This will be tight, and a lot will depend on the start spawns; I'm throwing my hat in with Fusion. F

E1M2: tVS have sharpened up their gameplay on E1M2 over the last few weeks, with impressive wins over SR (regular season) and QuakeKlan (quarter-finals). Even if XantoM doesn't return to their line-up, I would firmly expect them to take this map home with little resistance. tVS

CMT1b: Fusion impressed me with their level of play on here in the quarter-final against TeamKillers, and I know they have been putting in the hard graft on the custom maps ahead of these play-offs. Given how tight the ID maps will be, CMT1b and CMT4 could well be the deciding factors in this match. XantoM was an important part of the successful EarthQuake team in the NQR CMT league many years ago, and will add an extra dimension to tVS' play on both kenya maps. tVS

CMT4: tVS won this one in the regular season, and Fusion's display in the quarter-finals did nothing to persuade me that they can make up for that loss here. tVS
2010-11-29, 12:32
I would go as far as saying that Milton and XantoM are the 2 best kenya players in the scene. Commence debate.
2010-11-29, 12:46
2010-11-29, 12:55
Not much to debate. Especially Milton has a good head start on kenya since it seems he actually cared about playing them from the start
2010-11-29, 12:57
Btw gaz, do you have anything good to replace "solid performance" with. I find myself using it way too often and I see you have your fair share of "solid performances" as well throughout your blog archive.
2010-11-29, 14:18
I have to agree with blAze there

I agree with gaz about 3-1 for tVS and Fusion most surely will take down dm3!
For SR-SD I actually think SR will take it home with 3-0. I guess it will depend on if SD will manage to get some pracs going before the game. If not I'm afraid they won't stand much of a chance against the SR machinery

I hope both clans can prove me wrong and play much tighter rounds than that. 5 maps would of course be something to hope for :E
2010-11-29, 14:42
SR - SD 3 - 0
TVS - F 2 - 3 (F will win all TB3)
2010-11-29, 14:45
With Whimp cheering for us, we will be unstoppable!
2010-11-29, 14:56
F will only be unstoppable if Rikoll plays all maps Be
2010-11-29, 15:07
True, but I gotta give them a chance at least and skip a map or two.
2010-11-29, 15:25
We too hope that Rikoll plays all maps.
2010-11-29, 15:36
Haha, just rely on luck and talent to confuse Rikoll. That should do the trick!
2010-11-30, 07:13
Pff gaz forgetting me in the SD lineup You never know when andeh hops in and goes carrier and brings home the gold for suddendeath!!
2010-11-30, 09:47
Carrier has arrived
2010-11-30, 11:28
shit players, shit semis.
2010-11-30, 12:03
Yeah too bad panic isnt playing. He would really light up this tournament!
2010-12-01, 09:35
Or not....
2010-12-01, 09:53
You read my mind whimp
2010-12-01, 14:13
i wonder why finns are the best qw players?
2010-12-01, 14:16
what make you think they are?
2010-12-01, 14:25
too bad you are from afghanistan pektopahky
anyway, swedes are clearly better Be
2010-12-01, 14:29
It is very subjective to say that players from a certain country are the best qw players.
Looking at the amount of div0 players (and how do you decide who is div0 btw) compared to total amount of qw players throughout the years then perhaps Holland&Denmark would rank high. Sweden and Finland had/have a lot more div0 players than other countries but also a very large player base.

Looking at tournament wins i would say it is kinda even between Swedish and Finnish players and other countries have a hard time fielding a pure div0 team past and present.
2010-12-01, 14:37
what makes anyone think nationality has got anything to do with skill in QW :-D
2010-12-01, 14:42
What do you mean by "skill in qw" btw?

Geographical location could be a factor though since long, dark, cold winters makes you stay inside and play qw
2010-12-01, 15:34
I can't believe no one got the awesome joke in my headline
2010-12-01, 15:42
I sensed a pun, but needed Urban Dictionary to get it. :I
2010-12-01, 15:51
Well I'm at least flattered that you bothered to look it up
2010-12-01, 15:52

I always enjoy a big semi....
2010-12-01, 16:51
It's not all about size!
2010-12-02, 13:03
always enjoy a good semi..lanceata!
2010-12-02, 13:07
Too well hidden in it's context to catch my attention, gaz :-(. Nice one, though.
2010-12-02, 14:18
#23, I think it's the number of players that really matter. Sweden has always had a lot of players, I think mostly it's due to Sweden having proper internet when QW was released.

While other countries didn't get this until q3/cs, making these games big. QW was never really big in Denmark compared to later games.
2010-12-02, 14:22
Yeah that sounds reasonable Zalon

From #21
"Sweden and Finland had/have a lot more div0 players than other countries but also a very large player base."
2010-12-02, 16:28
I disagree. I think our div0 skills all comes down to our genes, which obviously are superior.
2010-12-02, 16:30
2010-12-02, 16:30
How come you and I didnt get any?
2010-12-02, 17:02
I did? You didn't because you must have some foreign blood in you :E
2010-12-02, 20:21
most swedish "div0" players are praised, not because of playing performances, but just because of good looks. i think it's just plain lame. like, what the fuck does it matter how you look if you can play? most swedish clans only pick pretty boys and then are praised by the fan boys.

qw players are supposed to look like nerds ffs
2010-12-02, 22:47
2010-12-03, 07:23
haha, pektopah please comment some games so we can hear your theories live
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