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Demos  /  2 Nov 2010, 02:33
demo junkie
Im just wondering if Im the only one Milton]searching for [tVS]Milton @
This has been my nightly pleasure in this new QW era, when the likes of griffin and dag are way gone. The only think keeping them alive is the thought of people thinking they will once again return, but those days are over for me ladies and gentlemen. I have surpassed the idea of the old superiors return.
I usually start around 23 cet looking for a good player to scout (haha sound like a football agent) but around 23:10 Im not young and patient anymore. I head over to the 4on4 department @ chtv for some new cool demos but nope not there either.
The feeling of watching QW is blowing away and I realize that if I dont find a game within 5 min I will fall asleep (and thats a death trap because QW > zzz).
My beautiful QW setup is opened and I quickly make a new map as "Todays demos" and figure out the quickest way to find best-latest-milton-fastest-demos.

1) Milton]
2) Go to his 4on4 games
3) Enter the server and search for demos (often "cmd dlist 4on4 tvs"
4) Move the demos to the new folder
5) in the demo section add demos to playlist and add trackplayer as "milton"

now I played some endif vs urban on a huge tv sceen + touchpad and lost, I lost an endif game... man I went directly to for a new crt+mouse! Urban is mine, dont touch him
2010-11-02, 08:48
Cute :-)
2010-11-02, 09:03
Late night Sassa ramblings at its finest
2010-11-02, 17:26
fest sassa, fest!
2010-11-03, 14:37
crt mouse?
2010-11-03, 14:38
oh couldn't see the + eyesight failing me!
QHLAN-blog then sassa?
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