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Hardware  /  20 Sep 2010, 23:31
My qw gears
Time to get my qw gears from the basement but I can only find anything, what should I buy?
I have started a thread @ HERE regarding what nettop I should buy, ASROCK or EEEBOX.

What about mouse+keyboard?

Monitor? I will play on a 50" tv until I get the will of getting a real monitor
2010-09-21, 03:05
haha sassa welcome back! sounds like you're a newb here putting it like that...
Nothing's changed except for 120hz monitors. I recommend Samsungs 2233RZ for that.
now get back to IRC! #sudden
2010-09-21, 06:00
Welcome back sassa :> For the keyboard I really like Logitech Ultra-x Flat.

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2010-09-21, 06:45
For a mouse, I could recommend IE3.0, DeathAdder, MX518 and G9x. They're all good. Only bad mouse I've ever bought, is Lachesis.

Best keyboards is an old ps2 thats still functioning imo. If you can't find one, get a cheap USB one that can actually press 3 or more buttons at the same time.

CRT's are still best for that smooth, first grade feel, but the 120hz LCDs also works like a charm. I could vouch for Samsung 2233RZ.
2010-09-21, 08:04
"I can only find anything" ?

seriously, dont play on a 50" tv.
2010-09-21, 22:04
nice nice, got a ride to qh with flinta + gonna borrow his laptop for the lan
and sudden it is now
2010-09-22, 06:15
"and sudden it is now" ?

Man sassa, you never stop amazing me with your english skills
2010-09-22, 07:26
I think Sassa was high last night, he actually seemed a bit more off than normal 8)
2010-09-22, 07:38
Hehe, imo he is always like that
2010-09-22, 15:02
Another bad hair day?
2010-09-27, 16:07
=D yes!
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