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LANs  /  19 Apr 2010, 21:59
Hungary Lan Party
I visited the Hungarian Quakeworld Lan Party in Budapest. And it was a really interessting weekend.
One day ramy ( a Hungarian Clan Member from Clan Cube Squad ) asked me to visit the Quakeworld only Lan in Budapest. I accepted without hesitation because I knew those gamers for a bit of time now, and it was always fun to play with them. I also found out that I may be the only non-hungarian player there which was a bit frightening But since budapest is only 2 hours away from me I was driving to budapest at friday to players I only knew from internet.

Indeed I had so much fun I met some really good players like .zero and some old skool gamers from the old days. Even a girl attented the party, which shows that the scene in Hungary is not that small.
It was interessting to see diffenent styles of playing quakeworld, different huds and setups.
We played some nice mixes, and even 1v1 and 2v2 tourneys were started. There was a small room where you could observe games and relax if you wanted.

People were really relaxed and it was a great atmosphere there.

On this way I want to say thank everyone who made that event possible. Zero and Orion for the organisation. ramy and clan cube squad that they took care of me and I also want to thank developers, admins and every other to help to survive this games through the hard times of onlinefps.
Hope this was not the last LAN in Budapest.

see ya around /defcon 5
2010-04-19, 22:01
sorry, its called hungarian lan party
2010-04-19, 22:18
"Even a girl attented the party, which shows that the scene in Hungary is not that small."

Haha great comment. If there is a girl that plays qw in the country the qw scene in that country has to be HUGE :E

Where can we find results, demos, pictures from the lan? 8)
2010-04-20, 13:44
See you at QH then Def?
2010-04-20, 14:27
2010-04-20, 15:41
Sweet. Hope we can get a look at the results!
2010-04-21, 17:52
Pics or it didn't happen (the girl)
2010-05-11, 17:56
I can not say anything, let me quote from a classic from our old Leader, Nimfo:
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