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Tournaments  /  19 Apr 2010, 07:40
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
I doubt McFadden & Whitehead considerd zepp to be part of the 'Us' they refer to in their song.
But the question who will stop him in the ownage #3 duel tournament has not yet been answered.
Read the previous post here

After winning ztndm3 (46-4) and losing aerowalk (6-36). The decider vs bps was played on decider-m2.

zepp wrote:
bps tossed ztn (really perfidious move from his side), i tosssed aero (suprise too), then dm6 and dm4 moved into basket, and we started dm2 as decider.
Game was pretty cautious from both sides, but bps outaimed me in several key battles and took a lead 3:0.
Then next several minutes i tried to attack him at ra-mega and tele-cage, and somehow managed to pull this game off. ggs, bps.

Well, please don't think i'm hypocritical, but i didnt expect to win this game again (like on ownage #2) but seems like i became bps's nemesis, although he is definetely better player than me.
ggs man, next time well played

The victory means the russian winning streak is 10 games long. Which might be a record for quakeworld-tournaments. Next up is valla.

Valla's road to LB-12
Milton 0 - 2
Rikoll 2 - 1
mawe 2 - 1
lakso 2 - 1
mushi 2 - 0
Unreal 2 - 0

During some dm3-mix-prewar I asked valla if he at some point in time was the best 4on4-player in the world?

valla wrote:

So who was better?
valla wrote:
perhaps xantom

Gl to both players.
2010-04-19, 08:09
This will be a hot game!
Both players got some nice victories leading up to this game
2010-04-19, 08:26
The different styles and strengths of these players will also be very interesting to watch. Zepp is a known ztn master, perhaps one of the best on that map atm, while this might be Valla weakest map. Vallas dm2, dm4 and dm6 play, specially dm6, is very strong and very few players can handle him here. Zepp is also over all a more sneaky player, relying more on draining his opponent and attack at times where he knows he got the upper hand, while Valla is more dependent on his superior aim and movement and can afford a more straight forward approach to the fights. I expect Valla to win pick and win DM6, zepp to pick and win ztndm3, and an intense and close DM2 decider which both players are able to win.
2010-04-19, 08:54
Any idea when is this game played ?
2010-04-19, 08:56
#3 Saturday, no time decided as of yet.
2010-04-19, 09:56

dm2: zepp (close one!)
dm4: valla (close one!)
dm6: valla
ztndm3: zepp
aero: valla (close one!)

Sorry Zepp Time to go home!
2010-04-19, 10:12
Time to go home, to dark, cold, Soviet Russia, to drink vodka and dance with tame bears.
2010-04-19, 10:18
plz Hagge, I'm never the favourite in a duel game ;-( Not this time either, I'm afraid! ;/
2010-04-19, 10:32
The winner of the Grand Final will face Hagge in a "best of all duel maps" and the winner will go with ruskie on a cruise to Finland. The winner will ofc be Hagge.
2010-04-19, 10:38
Valla, Saturday? Is that the only day you guys are able to play this game?
2010-04-19, 10:40
Zalon, I dunno. He asked me to either play the game on Saturday or mid week, I rather play my games on a weekend though but I guess I can ask him when I'm off work.
2010-04-19, 12:08
Thing is, the deadline to play vs LocKtar in lb is thursday, and there is still 1 game after yours before it's Locke time....

The Grand Final has to be played by Sunday
2010-04-19, 12:28
I'd be more pushing towards the Avenger - Bulat fight than this one if you want to keep the schedules. I also think that pushing the players now to finish their scheduled fights is slightly unfair. This should have been done at an earlier stage if so. Also, isn't Milton away on Sunday? Or am I mixing things up (i dont even like mixes :-().
2010-04-19, 12:38
Milton is leaving for 2 weeks the 26th, thats why I'm pushing to get the LB games played.

And it was pushed at an earlier stage, the LB players are the ones who haven't been following the schedule.
2010-04-19, 12:57
Well yeah the deadlines have to be more strict from now on. It worked well in EQL, and it should work even better in a duel tournament where only two players are needed to play the game. Bring us the action!!!

Valla, things have changed and now you will have to take responsibility :E

Hooraytio, why ruskie? Can't I go with Milton instead? I have a few tricks to teach him
2010-04-19, 13:02
Ruskie is well known on the ferries and will get good discounts.
2010-04-19, 13:36
O!K! Forget about Milton then :E I'm on!
2010-04-19, 14:06
2010-04-19, 17:27
i think, dm6 for valla, ztn for zepp and dm2 decider again 8) hope to see zepp in final vs Bulat 8)
ps: what do you think about Bulat vs Avenger game? who will win?
2010-04-19, 18:06
there is no hype around the bulat - avenger game. 2 hpws battling it out in the backyards. couldnt care less.
2010-04-19, 18:14
Hope you're not serious, Willg, cause if that game happenes, its gonna be H O T! Id guess 3-2 to avenger.
2010-04-19, 19:20
Avenger seems to be a bit out of shape and therefore I will go for 3-1 to Bulat. Is it bo5 btw?
2010-04-19, 21:27
if #19 is serious then I agree. hpws ruin qw
2010-04-19, 22:18
#21: Ofc its not bo5. DOH! Well lets try 2-1 avenger then. Although I agree he seems slightly out of shape. Could be any result I reckon.
2010-04-20, 15:45
Haha I just love the interview
2010-04-28, 10:05
game was played 19cet 27.04
2-0 Bulat won
[21:49:30] <Bulat> 31-6 aero
[21:49:35] <Bulat> 11-8 dm4
hope to see him in grand final :E
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