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Tournaments  /  15 Apr 2010, 10:58
Ownage underdog
So far the focus has been on the winners bracket and Milton. But the true heroes get knocked out early and climb their way thru the losers bracket.
Lets look at the scores of zepp. After losing to goblin in 2nd round of WB, he had a streak of 9 wins, only losing aerowalk to mawe and xpr.

xpr 2 - 1
maga 2 - 0
mawe 2 - 1
hedfuk 2 - 0
bandit 2 - 0
Memo 2 - 0
LethalWiz 2 - 0
LuGia 2 - 0
anni 2 - 0
goblin 1 - 2
zappater 2 - 0

Taking the scalps of players like lw, bandit, mawe and xpr means the path has been all but easy. Next up is the winner between locust and bps. Perhaps we will see a 10th win in a row. Not sure we have seen that in a major-qw tournament. EVER!
2010-04-15, 11:39
Yes, Zepp has really impressed! I think you definately need to add maga and hedfuk to your list. Two really good players indeed, that you can't just walk over easily! With all these tourney games Zepp has a lot of experience that might be able to help him in future games? :E
2010-04-15, 11:52
First time I noticed this russian guy was during some prac game right before ownage #2 started. Never heard of him, and he came around and kicked my ass a couple of times on some maps. Remember I got frustrated at first, but soon figured out that he was really good. Adviced him to sign up for the tourney, although he seemed abit reluctant to do it. He was also the guy that knocked me out of losers bracket in Ownage #2 :-).

Been a pleasure watching his progress through the tourneys since then, even though he seems to have a nemesis in Goblin who have beat him twice in a row in ownage. First knocked him out of LB in Ownage #2, and then in WB in Ownage #3. On a good day, I think this guy can beat anyone, and he also seems to have great tournament nerves. Will be very interesting to see how far he will make it in LB from now as well.
2010-04-16, 07:10
Eternal glory has fell upon me eventually
Thanks for kind and flattering words guys (Rikoll <3).
Yeah, seems like i played more games than anyone in this tournament (11 atm, and there will be at least 12th)
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