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Tournaments  /  13 Apr 2010, 01:28
Beni Elohim 1vs1 QW Tournament
There's a new QW 1on1 tourney going on! I don't know who is the admin/maker and i don't know why this is not in news nor forum, so i'll write the details myself.
I heard about this tourney in IRC, there's a bot spamming it from time to time in #qwrookie. Rules are not really clear since there aren't any client/ruleset specifyed. Map pool is TB5, but players are able to play kenya if both agree, which is an awsome idea in my opinion There's should be also some specification about map picking system. They say nothing about it. And also people can't see scores, screenshots and so, which is really really bad. There's a web-message system in order to contact players. I don't know if this is better or worse, i like it myself but could be worse for some people. But hey, it's qw and it's a 1v1 tourney! I'll play it for fun! Too bad signups are alredy over :< We don't have many stars signed up, LocKtar is the clear favourite i think. We also have Bulat, russian superstar and raz0r fighting for the title and the fame, but favourites and good players aside, we all know that Hagge superstar will win ez, as usual. He shouldn't be allowed to play tourneys, too ez :<
I would like to see live broadcast with commentary in the hot matches (I would do myself but my english sucks sooo bad) Anyway, for those who want follow up the tourney, watch the scores and follow the bracket, signup as observer in the next link:

GL everyone! And have fun! It's all about fun
2010-04-13, 06:39
Too bad I missed out on this one. Well, well. Hf without me :-(
2010-04-13, 06:47
Yeah, seems like a weird tourney indeed. I managed to find out about it the last day before signup closed, so I'm in! As Time said it be ez indeed! GL HF!
2010-04-13, 07:05
dont forget about Sane. on high ping imho he will win all the dm6s what he will play
2010-04-13, 09:05
Since it seems to be an american tourney, does that mean that all games will be played in the US?
2010-04-13, 11:39
eh.. I would have liked to join too =/
2010-04-13, 11:41
2010-04-13, 12:23
Considering the amount of people who wants to join, I think they should add another week for signup!
2010-04-13, 12:27
Also seems like the last ones signing up for the tourney got deleted? :E
2010-04-13, 13:31
Hagge: "Once the matches are assigned, they may be played
on any QuakeWorld server running the KTX mod."

Also i think it was a silent tourney maybe because they want a rookie tourney, that's maybe why it was only spammed in #qwrookie
2010-04-13, 14:11
Yeah saw that on the page! Don't really understand if it's bo3 or just one map? I mean, you only report one score?

Not sure about that, because they also spammed in #quakeworld. At least that's where I heard about it!
2010-04-13, 14:18
Oh, i never join #quakeworld x)
Yay report system sucks :E
2010-04-15, 10:05
you report map wins ...
2-0 or 2-1
if there is a wo 1-0
2010-04-15, 11:41
Good to know :E
2010-04-15, 13:52
Really adde? Is not clear at all after reading:" Both players will submit the result of the last game by logging in." and watching that my opponent wrote the result in frags of our last map player i thought it was a really crap system. But reporting the whole score (2-0 / 2-1) makes more sense now that you say it

Anyway, rules are not clear at all and are opened to 999 different interpretations, which is unadmisible.
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