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Clans  /  31 Mar 2010, 23:06
Top of the pops
A couple of months ago my clanmates and I were discussing who we considered to be the top 4on4 players around. I thought it might be nice to come up with a list of who I consider to be the best in the business since I started playing foreign clans in 1999, together with a bit about what made them special at that particular time. This list is in no particular order (loosely timebased) and is purely based on my own personal view as to their prowess in 4on4 – other game modes are irrelevant. Finally, I stopped following the scene so closely for around 3 years from summer 2006 so my selections are mainly biased towards the 1999-2006 period.
Rock: Back in the late 90s Zetor were one of the top clans around and indeed featured a couple of former tVS players like Hibdan and Acid. My favourite at the time however was Rock who had an aggressive style of play.

Trinidy: Probably the standout player at Euthanasia, his movement was extremely good at a time when bunny-hopping wasn’t really mainstream. IIRC he quit QW to take up Q3, which is a shame.

ParadokS: A very consistent performer over an extended period, one of the defining points of QW in the early noughties was the rivalry between E/SR and FF/LA. 10 years ago he was famed for his shaft (and of course, the Cheapo 2.61 incident!) but over the years he developed a solid all-round style

Pietro: Flaming Fist developed the mantle of fast, dynamic play introduced by ZR/E and he was a large part of that with his combination of movement, aim and teamplay. Possibly the best dm3 quad-runner of that period.

Dag: Came across as having quite an attitude/ego problem but nobody could deny his ability to frag. As an ISDN player he was the king of YA, but once he moved to broadband he quickly became the sort of player who could own you anywhere on the map, regardless of what kit you had.

Gamer: I first noticed Gamer around the SD2 period when Koff developed an extremely solid dm3 game. Quadrunners tend to get all the fame and attention but it wasn’t long before SR snapped him up and his solid play around RA/ring area was a lynchpin of their success.

Shiva / Memil: We played a modem prac against some Swedes once (featuring the likes of Razor, Mutilator and Sub iirc?) and he was the standout player. Very comfortable on a high ping and strong on all maps.

Nabbe: His unbelievable shaft caught my eye at Lithium in the early smackdown days and was pretty monstrous on e1m2 as well. Famously identified as a weak link in LA’s lineup by Sassa, he was anything but.

Hibdan: By the mid-2000s he had developed into arguably the best 4on4 player around. Once he got dm2 low rl locked down, you had no chance.

Fifi: I’m including him because he’s a nice guy and had the ability to think outside the box in terms of trying innovative tricks/shots etc. Lol.

Fix: An absolute monster and one of the few who could rival Hib during that era. A very astute teamplay mind coupled with phenomenal skills and very few mistakes had quakers across the continent, well, quaking at the prospect of facing him.

Riker: I really don’t know if I should include him, sometimes I wonder if he was a solid as teamplayer as most on this list. But his aggressive ssg-fuelled quadrunning on e1m2 and dm2 win out, when he was on form there were few more devastating opponents around. Ultimately, if I was picking my dream e1m2 lineup 5 years ago, he would have been in it.

Reppie: Back in the early 00s there was seemingly a general view that any player from outside Scandinavia couldn’t actually be a top player (note where all the above names come from!). However Reppie in some ways was a pioneer in this regard as his devastating performances for Firing Squad helped to eliminate this view. An aggressive player that spectators queued up to watch.

Striker: One of those annoying players. You know, the ones that always seem to have RL. And LG. And 500h. And wherever you spawn on the map, they are waiting round the next corner to kill you in one shot. Seriously, just FOAD.

Razor: Decent TP and strong on all maps. One of those genuine all-rounders who isn’t quite as explosive as many of these players but can be relied on to do a job.

Milton: At Noskill he was perhaps overshadowed by the likes of JarreX and Zhin. He then spent several years at SSC but it was clear that he was ‘too good’ to remain there forever - I remember Blob taking offence when I used the phrase “Milton-powered SSC” in a newspost once  Widely regarded as the top 4on4 player of today, he is brilliant at all tb3 maps and is also not too scared to risk his reputation by playing customs either. If I’m honest, I can’t think of another player who has been ‘ahead of the rest’ in the way that he is.

BlAze: In the early days of my watching tVS he was somewhat overshadowed by his brother, Ihminen, who I remember ParadokS once describing as the best dm2 quadrunner in the world. However Blaze is just so efficient that he must have German blood in him – everything he does seems to be about maximising the potential to exploit a mistake by the opponents. He used to be like a robot, seemingly slow laborious movement yet mopping up a huge rack of spawnfrags with ruthless precision. In more recent years he has become slightly more aggressive (aided by an improved hitscan aim) yet still retains the mentality to position himself optimally to surprise an opponent.

Reverend / Player / Valla: Another player with killer shaft back in the day who spent a long time playing in ‘weaker’ clans, typically with his buddy Znappe. At one time just a dm3 master, he has now ported his get armour > get quad > kill lots > get armour > kill lots > get armour > get quad…. Routine to e1m2 as well.

Murdoc: Perhaps the key player for SR now, he has improved during my absence from the 4on4 scene. His key strength for me is RL aim, something many people take for granted but few genuinely master (think Dare, of cMF fame, but modernised and more aggressive).

And there we have it. A list that might be different if I was to create it tomorrow. A list missing many great players that I have either forgotten about, or not seen enough of during my inactive years of 2006-2009. A list that perhaps I should have expanded to include the likes of XN, Insane, Avenger, Carna, aKKe, Griffin, MrLame, Scenic, Ihminen and assorted f0m players. All genuine div1 players who can win maps on their own. I’ve listed 19 players leaving room for one more to round it up to 20. Can YOU be #20?

But really, it’s just the starting point for a debate. Who would you pick in your squad of 20 to represent Earth against Jupiter?
2010-04-01, 00:08
the old slackers:
Paradoks, gamer, goliat, hib

the old LA:
dag, riker, nabbe, striker

best of cMF and f0m:
manu, valla, fix, fifi

GTG team + reppie from fs
mrlame, griffin, mutilator, reppie

random good 4on4 players:
phantasy, memil, milton, def
2010-04-01, 05:23
This is Not an April Fool's Joke: I Pwnz.

That is all.
2010-04-01, 06:23
The obvious flaw with this list is ofc that you have somehow left out Hagge
2010-04-01, 06:58
Yes, I can be #20 :E
About Blaze he has of course always been a great player, but in the last couple of years he has really taken this to the next level.. once he was known for his "finnebroest" rl style, but nowadays he is a mad aimer and as you say a much more aggressive player, but that still does the defensive job when necessary.. all hail the blaze! Be
2010-04-01, 06:59
def? phantasy? seems like sassa is trying to fool us all :E and muti never played in gtg!
2010-04-01, 08:59
Yeah I concentrate on sniping out the enemy rls and quads and let others do the mad fragging. For me it's more fun to shaft one fully stacked guy in the back than make 20 spawn frags.
2010-04-01, 10:28
Fifi+Fix+Angua+Shiva(?) and the old f0m are probably my favourite lineups. Angua was just all over the place, the prewar king :|
2010-04-01, 11:30
Hm, don't understand why people name Angua from time to time. I agree with most opinions that HT put out there. My personal favorites are trinidy, pietro, aKKe, hib. One name that is missing imo is vana. At one point in time he was really good. He was arguably the best in E/SR, who were one of the best teams, and he also won a duelmania around that time.
2010-04-01, 11:51
Because he was good, blixem? Too bad he didn't carry on playing though.
2010-04-01, 12:37
Yeah Angua would be on my list, though he may be low in some people's lists because he was not at the very top for long - had had a great period with CMF where he won NQR7 and 9 but other than that did not really play in a "top 4" clan for long (correct me if I'm wrong). During that period with CMF, he was absolutely key - he was very good at doing the "boring" bits but he was also excellent with quad. I vividly remember an awesome quad RL shot at DM3-RA in the NQR7 final against SR.

My left-field nomination would be Manulito. He didn't have the explosive aim or ability to turn a map by himself, but very few players had such an innate reading of the game situation as him. His communication (even with only MM2) and work as a "saobteur" (copyright Xerial) made him a great teammate.
2010-04-01, 13:20
I never considered him in the same class of skill as the others being mentioned here and ive been on lan with him But maybe he became good later, during an era where I wasn't active...
2010-04-01, 13:52
Well it's the same for me blixem, apparently some of these guys (gamer, hib, angua) were at their best when I was inactive, so I just remember them as normal good div1 players.
2010-04-01, 14:37
Hib was at the very top from NQR4-6 or so. I believe tVS came back for NQR6 so you (Blaze) would have caught him just as he was about to 'retire'. He made a brief comeback for NQR7 playoffs, but had lost his edge. Gamer was at his best around this time too IMO, but he continued the work when he joined KOFF for a couple of seasons.

And Angua, as I said, really hit the heights in NQR7 and 9, when I don't think tVS played. And from my memory, FS' lineup was mainly Reppie/Razor/Spoink + Gem, Imp or 123 during that period, so blixem wouldn't have seen him at his best either.
2010-04-01, 22:48
aKKe deffinitely deserves a place here imo! and fifi for more than just thinking outside the box / being innovative, he just plays amazing alltogether
2010-04-01, 23:14
manulito is my dream teammate. This is no secret, in fact I mentioned it in my last column. Simply because he has total perception of my idea of good tp and one of the very (I mean VERY) few players who I feel like I can have almost telepathic communications with via mm2,

Reason he wasn't on the list is because he doesnt own as much as others, he can't "win maps on his own". Hence he is in the "assorted f0m players" bracket that almost made it.
2010-04-01, 23:22
@blaze: Angua was just a normal div1 player. Hib/Gamer weren't.
2010-04-01, 23:27
angua was not the normal div1 player!!
and HT, manu is a great player and did win maps on his own with the way he played when f0m was at top! and hagge, I was kinda referring to the old HF with mrlame, muti, drejfus and streetrobban? with griffing playing there as hpw
2010-04-02, 10:19
Have to agree with Ake Vader about CMF & fOm being the favourites for me too.

And definately Angua being in div0 list. He rised from clan =X= to be at his top in CMF.

div1 4on4 had so many even teams few years ago. Legeartis, CMF, Slackers, FS, FOM, GTG, =X=, ZR, HF, TVS.. + some short living clans like DS, DAG, BGSR, etc.

Would be nice to see again a div1 final match with even teams one day!
2010-04-02, 11:28
What I remember from angua was that he was the missing link in the cMF lineup. They were always fighting for top4, but with angua they managed to win NQR.
Angua was really hot in those seasons.
I'm suprised by the people that say they can't remember hib being div0. Obviously they stopped qw when I started it. The dominating days of SR. Hib was a monster back then. Specially on dm2. Low rl secured by Hib.
2010-04-02, 12:27
fifi,reppie,gamer,angua vs jupiter.
2010-04-02, 12:50
Hib was always my favourite when he played in Slackers. The whole hib, gamer, goljat, para lineup was great. My addition to the list would be Jarrex with whom I played in n0skill and later on he moved on to cmf. He was always calm in mm3 and had the ability to turn things upside down in a matter of seconds.
2010-04-02, 13:13
Janne sure was a true talent, it was really amusing when he came from ~6months(?) idle period and took part to qhlan4 with me siv and fifi. He just came there without mice/computer/cfg anything. admins rented comp for him and he just started playing like he was never gone.
2010-04-02, 22:24
I liked Jarrex because he was fun to watch.
Also I always thought carna from FU was very underrated (except by andy <3). I had to draw the line somewhere though.

Might upload some old demos of my favourite players to CHTV if I can get the useless piece of shit to actually work (great site concept, atrocious implementation!)
2010-04-04, 21:24
Some Janne demos would be nice
2010-04-04, 23:51
haha _|anne was funny at that lan
2010-04-05, 00:23
I know we are WAAAY back in time, but Cable from Clan Z, Paralyzer from Clan 9, Doomer from Teddybears and Stalin from Game Over, stands out in my memory
2010-04-05, 15:29

zip contains wb semi vs ToT, wb final vs FS and grande finale vs slackers

WB final vs Firing Squad(reppie,razor,drejfys,blixem) is one of the most equal/thrilling games i have been involved in.
2010-04-05, 16:05
Oh yeh! The nineties were awesome
Doomer also clan 9 tho. I mean he played with 9 vs DR so that's what most people remember him from.
2010-04-07, 22:58
Nice demos fix! It really makes you wonder if todays top teams are better than CMF was at that time.
2010-04-08, 05:00
no need to be sarcastic vikke

i just tryed to provide for puplics demand, and those are pretty much the only demos i have left with janne in them. and why? u want me to spell the trip was a success for us. "14-0"
2010-04-08, 16:17
luckily you could handle all that smokey stuff, otherwise it would've been 0-14 :E
2010-04-08, 17:21
on that year there was only xamps vodka. no smokey smokey.
2010-04-10, 17:58
TCO (The Chosen One) would also be on my top players' list!
2010-04-13, 10:42
@andy, what about [TSW]SimplyBAG? He was better than God, IMO.

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2010-04-13, 17:03
I guess the list of choices is limited to real humans only
2010-04-16, 12:06
incredible no one mentioned xantom.. he really should be in there
2017-09-29, 08:04

So glad that andy finally said TCO, one of the most underrated players of all time, prolly becuz he was loyal to his forever .no clans.

And how come no-one mentioned the very first superstar Xenon? Back when DOOMer was still rocking keyboard-style and clan9 went around the world totally owning AMD/DeathRow..! =)
And i know for sure atleast I studied Lakermans dm2 practise demo _a lot_ when i got started, dm2... my only love...
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