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Misc  /  5 Mar 2010, 23:51
missing you...
The way it felt of holding an RA on Dm3 locked in your hands..
the way to feel that you have out shafted your enemy without notice the damage
the way you just burst into laughter on mm3 with retardness shit
the way you could fuck up the entire qw community with blog posts

I just cant stop taking away the damn bookmark of
I cant just stop fishing out whats next in this beautiful world of QuakeWorld.
How is it possible in forgetting this "imaginary" world?

I dont know and I cant, apparently!!!

The love for the game just gives me more energy to check this shit out, regardless if I have a computer that can play the game or not, Im just still stuck.

The people that I have come across among this journey makes this even more fun.

Bps, the funny swedish guy that is a fucking blast to be among, I still to this day cant forget the first day I fell in love with this guy, how can you not?
He is the funniest and most decent guy around in the QW community. You cant think anything but love for him. I know you love me

OK98. man, we are from so different backgrounds but yet we get a connection that I cant forget? or have you forgotten my trip to your place with splash? haha was fun as hell still after the NQR7 (?) loss vs SCC in the Quarterfinals?

Zalon, you make me breath more. I feel empty but you make my lungs bigger and stronger? why?? is that the person you are IRL? yes you are!!!

Paradoks, dave my own babe. Where did we start? and were do we end? I dont know... time flies but we still catch up and it feels like it was 2005 in Sthlm all over again, like not one second has pasted by!

apa, moose, (SM gang) I feel like home with you, it feels norrland, I cant describe it but it feels like home

oblivion: I love you guys with the "hate" that creeps between us since the eql disaster

hagge: the love is a pure hatelove, "You can always do better than hagge"

Jokkmokk: ted, smala and the rest are (will) be friends for ever and I cant look back I need to keep in touch with you always haha

johnny_cum, your involvement and true dedication with the life of QW is honest. Despite our disputes we have some sort of love for eachother, I think we like each other with the respect that we carry in our briefcase ?

Phil: Philly phil, new yorker phil, I will come and harass you someday in NY and you know it!!!

IBH: 123, burrr, jrq, goqsane, and the rest of the peeps I love you with your talk about rubbishness and idocracity

soma: my own teddybear! see you soon karsten when my train riding kicks in

Renzo: giving me another birthday, the day we met hahaha!

milton, ville, blaze (fi), fifi: what a glorious gang of finnish ppl!!!

reppie: dude, I kinda love your lifestyle alot!

I have probably missed out alot of names but now that the blue sky is dark its kind of tough to find words of how to describe a long file span with your fellow quakers.

I want to get back, the road is tough but the heart is strong!

(good night and good fight
2010-03-05, 23:51
how could I forget all the ASHOLES?
2010-03-06, 00:08
2010-03-06, 10:11
no sassa no fun
2010-03-06, 11:47
omg so much love in the air <3
2010-03-06, 14:43
Tryckt i dig E eller nått?
2010-03-06, 17:44
sassa sugar
2010-03-06, 22:54
du luktar fis hagge
2010-03-06, 23:46
wtf :[
2010-03-07, 17:26
we miss you to sassa Why dont u do u comeback? And we miss your comentating!! Se u on the servers soon... puss
2010-03-08, 08:13
"how could I forget all the ASHOLES?"

Thank you for remembering me.
2010-03-08, 10:21
I'm guessing that sassa got drunk and all nostalgic
2010-03-08, 11:27
sassa pig
2010-03-08, 12:47
I think that the fact that he hasn't made a comment here, is due to not remembering publishing this blog entry :E gg sassa!
2010-03-08, 13:40
he just remembered about the asholes the same minute he posted the blog entry tho
2010-04-20, 10:44
sassa! Vi ska teama up på qh... det är så ryktena säger... hänger du i någon irc?
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