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Clans  /  3 Mar 2010, 11:40
The best ever?
The Viper Squad (TVS) have now won 4 out of the last 5 EQL titles to add to the NQR11 crown they clinched in 2008. Few would argue that it would take something truly remarkable for them to not win a 4th successive EQL in season 11, and to me it is quite sad that QW has reached the stage where we have one clan who is achieving such lasting domination.

But how good are they?
During the years when I was an NQR admin, there was always a strong favourite for the title. But regardless, the playoffs always threw up tight finals and thrilling finishes: the amazing NQR finals in seasons 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 are testament to that.

TVS' domination cannot be helped. Coincidence and fate mean that 4 of the strongest 4on4 active players are playing in the same team, and the remaining "div 0" players are scattered amongst several other teams. Short of forcing TVS to split up and make their members play elsewhere, there is not a lot that can be done.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this blog was something slightly different. As I wolfed down my scrambled eggs for breakfast, I was wondering how this dominant TVS machine would fare against the other giants of the past five or six years. If you could somehow make a time machine and pit the best clans from that period against each other, who would come out on top?

There was a period when it seemed as though Fragomatic (fOm) were unbeatable. With the precision skills of Valla, backed up with the almost telepathic MM2 teamplay of manulito, Xantom and xterm, fOm steamrolled every clan who crossed their path, in a rather similar way to the way TVS do it now. But we never really saw fOm come up against a real challenge in a big final. How would their nerves have handled being 2-0 down against Slackers or CMF?

Clan Malfunction (CMF) were the team that I enjoyed watching and commentating on the most. Their NQR7 and 9 squad of fix, fifi, angua, siv and hlt was one of the best rosters ever and their good nature and sense of humour made them very endearing. It was fantastic to see them clinch NQR after coming so close on several occasions. At the top of his game, Fix could rival Milton in my opinion, whilst the other guys are pretty close as well. NQR7-era CMF vs the current TVS would be one juicy match-up!

And how about Lege Artis (LA)? In the early days of NQR and the later days of Smackdown, LA were the team to beat. With the outrageous quad-running and attacking play of Riker, the error-free play of Nabbe and Striker and of course the inimitable Dag, LA at their best were a truly terrifying opponent.

But my vote for best team of recent years has to go to a clan which is still going strong after all these years - Slackers (SR). The "classic" SR line-up of NQR4-6, featuring the mercurial ParadokS, the classy Hib and the pugnacious Finnish duo of Gamer and Goljat, SR were truly a machine. Yes, they pushed their luck and the patience of admins and opponents at times, but people's opinions on the likes of ParadokS and Goljat as individuals should not cloud their judgement on SR as a unit. A great team doesn't just have excellent individuals or "solid" teamplay, but it has character and guts. If you want to see some gutsy 4on4 performances, look up the NQR4 final, where SR fought back from 2-0 down to beat CMF 3-2, or the NQR5 final where SR led 2-0, found themselves 2-2 against Disorder and then pulled themselves together to win the final map 3-2.

Slackers may have been unpopular, but not only were they vastly successful as a team in the mid-noughties, but they achieved that success against a very talented array of other clans: CMF, DS, LA, X, Divines, BGSR, Firing Squad, etc. There is no way for us to know how TVS would have survived in that climate. My suspicion is that they would have done rather well, and sure, they may even have come out on top a few times. I sincerely hope that we can see another top clan rising up in the next year or so and restore the true spirit of "competition" at the high end of 4on4 Quakeworld.
2010-03-03, 12:42
Ahh, nostalgia. It's not what it used to be.
2010-03-03, 13:12
Nice read.

However, I'm pretty sure that all games develop over time, where top players increase their skills, routine, tactics and team play and that the best teams from a few years ago would stand no chance versus the best teams today. How it would have been if they had all kept playing is of course harder to imagine, but totally irrelevant since they didn't.

Other teams will challenge tVS, it is just a matter of time. Their level of playing is far from unreachable for a dedicated team with a determined core of players. tVS will lose maps this season, and might even have a decent challenge in the next season is my guess.
2010-03-03, 13:28
Rather well put there old chap!

wp Gaz
2010-03-03, 13:54
nice article. gotta love it when I have to use a eng->swe dictionary every other sentence
2010-03-03, 14:51
Yeah when it comes to record breaking SR is definately the team to beat. They are the Schumacher of QW. I wonder if we were the first ones though to win a season without a map loss.
2010-03-03, 14:55
For sure players like bps, mawe and arnette could do almost anything they want in tdm if they'd put some work into it. I mean if you have that much individual talent in duels then the only thing limiting you in tdm is the lack of motivation and effort... I think one big issue nowadays is that clans break up after one or two seasons and that means they play more like a mixteam than a real clan with a history and reputation to defend.
2010-03-03, 16:46
Another issue is that these days a lot of teams and players lack practice, especially in a small roster. Almost all teams have a lot more than four players in their lineup because people are busy with work, studies, relationships or other games which means that serious practice with the same four players rarely happens. Besides the problem of getting the same four online at the same time to prac and finding a decent opponent the knowledge that tVS is in great shape probably doesn't help the motivation to actually play and prac more.

As blAze said, there are teams that are able to do a lot better than they are doing now but we'll have to see how that works out I'm not convinced we'll see a mayor change soon even though it's possible.

Oh and Zetor won NQR2 without losing a map

Good read Gaz, had quite some talks about this through the last years hehe
2010-03-03, 17:14
Very nice gaz
2010-03-03, 17:26
Very nice that you wanted to share your thoughts gazzy boy! Fancy doing some commentating this season? That would be great <3
2010-03-04, 09:28
I would love to Hagge - I offered last season but no one told me the date/time of the final. I don't check as often as I used to and I'm never on IRC unless Osams are trying to get a game
2010-03-04, 09:42
I think the problem with many players in the lineups can be helped by using individual skins for your teammates(when i play chad is always black, adde grey etc..). This way you will learn the playstyles of your teammates. The only problem is you run out of good colors when exceeding 9-10 players...

I hear a lot of people saying that pointing teammates is enough to know who is who. But it isnt... What i miss the most in mixes is knowing who is who..
2010-03-04, 14:38
perhaps a ktxpro switch for having teammates names above their heads during 4on4 games....there is something like that already, but only for spectators.
2010-03-04, 15:53
Maybe you should be on irc more then! \o/ We need the gazinator
2010-03-04, 22:41
How about -FF- ?
2010-03-08, 10:30
I tried contacting you for the big matches gaz, as you had said you would like to help commentate some games, but you were rarely online on IRC, and we usually only have a few days to prepare. I did manage to get HangTime on, but with you I was not that lucky.

Maybe I should try email or msn in the future? I'm guessing your email is the one you use?
2010-03-08, 11:25
Yes Zalon, email is best and the one on my profile is correct. I'm rarely on MSN (except at work) but my iPhone means that I am always close to email
2010-04-08, 05:35
There was a period when it seemed as though Fragomatic (fOm) were unbeatable. With the precision skills of Valla, backed up with the almost telepathic MM2 teamplay of manulito, Xantom and xterm, fOm steamrolled every clan who crossed their path, in a rather similar way to the way TVS do it now. But we never really saw fOm come up against a real challenge in a big final. How would their nerves have handled being 2-0 down against Slackers or CMF?"

Didnt we saw them go down on nqr9 semi vs us surprisingly 0-3
2010-04-08, 05:45
And for the "best of all times topic" i would say dag,nabbe,riker,striker,shiva
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