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EQL  /  29 Oct 2009, 10:27
Eql 10 Division 2
So lets do an A to R on division 2 in eql 10.
Players: phrenic, Stickman, RocketZ, LocKTar
This team is an outsider. The perfect mix of players. Having a div0 dueler like locktar means that there is someone that break a complete map lock. Two solid (perhaps rusty) players like phrenic and Rocketz (the blog guy) that knows what to do. Some might think stickman would be the weak link in this team, but he will probably be the one keeping dm3-RA safe when the locktar fails a quad run.

prediction: 5th

Apocalypse 2000
Players: xenic, wilLGURHT, tGM, chad, adde, Godis (Hokus), riosatiy
My own team, not sure what to expect. Two powerfull LGs (xenic and chad) should give us some firepower on cmt maps. Still expect us to struggle in the low part of the division unless adde can pull some magic tricks (he usually just drops an RL pack! ).

predicition: 7th

Players: wimpeeh/bambi, springs, pericless, niw, latency, hedfuk, hangtime, dopeskillz, blixem

Huge squad with former div0 players hangtime and blixem returning to qw after absence. Ex A2k players springs and Niw returning to revival of boefje means this team should have a good shot at winning the division

prediction: 2nd

Demolition Crew
Players: [DC]szu, [DC]shamoth, [DC]pooll, [DC]ponczek, [DC]matek, [DC]goniec, [DC]Highlander, [DC]Fluartity, [DC]23/Kapitan Kloze

DC a few years ago was a team with strong DM2 play but weaker on the other maps. But that has changed now, and i think they are just about as likely winning dm3 for example. But being quite weak on the cmt maps, means DC will have a hard time in this division

prediction: 8th

Dies Ater
Players: persuader (kassim), cyrax, Soma, Elguapo, Creature

Won the first EQL game of the season (2-1 vs Apocalypse 2000). Persuader and creature did some nice dammage on both dm2 and e1m2. The show on cmt3 was far from top-notch, so unless there is improvement atleast FU, Hips, Oblivion and BOEFJE will have an easy map-win.

prediction: 6th

Fraggers United
Players: dmt, Tenhi, Kontta, Kippo, Kapo, Ilkka, Focu, Dedi, Anza, Afax

Looking at results from pracs you can come to two conclusions. 1. FU will have a hard time in division 2 and CMT should have been seeded above FU. But pracs is one thing and EQL another. It's an experienced squad that is somewhat active. Which means my prediction is likely wrong

prediction: 9th

Players: miroslav, mato, knave, katsku, jebbis, darkki, bandit
Hips placed last in div1 last season, but the experience of playing in the highest division and also winning 2-0 vs CMF last season means they are good.

prediction: 3rd

Players: ok98, Lethalwiz, Hagge, Eta-Beta, Djevulsk (dje)
I predict Oblivion to win this division, even tho they have none of the top 5 players in the division (Avenger, Locktar, Hangtime, Persuader, Blixem). Oblivion have teamplay enough to win any team on any map and at least used to be good on cmt3, so no giving away easy points.

prediction: 1st

Players: Vega, Thunder, Running, Maks, K.O., Chmiel, Avenger

The others than Avenger is not that known to me, but he alone can win any tb3 round for Rev.

prediction: 4th
2009-10-29, 10:40
Good job on the preview Willy, this made me want to play Quake again.
2009-10-29, 10:47
Looks like it disappeared from the left-column .(
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