Age :42
Group: Administrator
Location: Portugal
Started playing Quakeworld in 1997. Always been active in the community. With strong opinions about the game and the path it should follow, always fought the conservative qw ideals. Lately has been involved in bringing new players into the game, making their life easier and promoting different game modes and maps.

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LANs  /  11 Sep 2009, 22:50
photos and videos
its about time.

Here are the links to:
* quinas meeting photos
* my qhlan photos and videos

feel free to navigate to my other photos.
some info about the meeting:
the meeting took place in may 2009. Hedgepig came from ireland to this meeting, he spent more than a week here on vacation. It was on a weekend, saturday, we had dinner and then went out to some drinks and came back home, because it was starting to rain. the next day we had to leave...

qhlan: well, its THE lan. quite an adventure in vikings land. check photos!

please comment! qw is not just a game! its a SOCIAL NETWORK!! (fancy xxi century words)

I can upload more qhlan videos if ya want
2009-09-12, 09:07
Why is there a chick in a quake meeting?
2009-09-12, 10:59
the "chick" is the clanleader
females don't play games in your village?
2009-09-12, 12:36
Nice photos mush... forgot how much fun that QNS meet was, although dib was a bit quiet the first night And mipa, if you want to challenge "the chick" to a 2v2 on ultrav then you will quickly find out why she was at Quake meeting
2009-09-12, 13:07
Nice cake!
Hedge looks older than I remember, not that it's bad thing, might just be the hangovers

Looks like it was lots of fun, see you guys at QHLAN!
2009-09-13, 21:53
eheheh well I blame EQL 9 for taking 15 years off my life
2009-09-17, 18:14
This is Grisling and Votary ))
2009-09-17, 21:32
ok98, ok fixed
2009-09-18, 14:16
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