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Commentary  /  30 Jul 2009, 09:46
The rumour mill
I hear a rumour that Osams could be making a comeback for EQL10, with a certain flame-haired Brit in their ranks, too.

And just maybe, if he's wanted, he could pick up his ol' microphone for the Super Sunday games.

Does anyone want to see the return of "Celebrity Countdown" and crucial pents?!

2009-07-30, 10:39
we are waiting for you @ ya-tele-exit (pented)...
2009-07-30, 10:41
The more comebacks, the better
2009-07-30, 12:28
+1 happy in pants.
2009-07-30, 14:59
OMG? There will be a EQL10?
2009-07-30, 15:56
Go for it Gaz.
2009-07-30, 17:13
need more uk qwers gwan gaz!!
2009-07-30, 18:17
Your commentating is crucial!
2009-07-30, 18:52
Welcome back =)
2009-07-30, 23:40
omg omg OMG!!!!
2009-07-31, 07:25
+1 happy in pants

Also Zalon.. Do I notice some cynism in your comment? Like "EQL10...i'm not gonna do it alone ffs!"
If so make an update on looking for admins. It's still way too early for EQL10, but when the time comes near
2009-07-31, 08:13
Zalon wrote:
OMG? There will be a EQL10?

Well, now I've given you a reason to run one

Edited by gaz on 31 Jul 09 @ 09:13CET
2009-08-01, 08:39
/me wants
2009-08-01, 20:20
welcome back!
I'm so up for another EQL! bring!
2009-08-02, 10:49
2009-08-02, 16:22
who will play in drz now that lakso is back in osams?
2009-08-02, 21:39
stefan, pattah, ponk, manny, gaz and thompen?
2009-08-03, 08:27
lakso won't be back in osams
2009-08-03, 08:28
or at least i don't think so
2009-08-03, 12:51
OMFG GAZ! Now we just need a lot of tournaments.

Kwibus I would say its more that EQL 10 has not even been decided yet. As for admins, its currently not a problem, but we will see what happens when summer is over.
2009-08-03, 12:58
2009-08-03, 13:22
"omg im spraying cum everywhere" (c) cooller fanboys on gtv
2009-08-04, 10:19

Good I hope it starts 2nd week of october since I will be coming home from my holiday first week of october
2009-08-07, 02:03
Enemy @ dick
2009-08-10, 10:10
!! yes yes yes
2009-08-12, 21:23
will be nice. Welcome back!
2009-08-13, 07:57
omg fakenicks!
2009-08-14, 13:16
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