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IRL  /  14 Jul 2009, 16:45
Self-cracked Samsung LCD
So i bought this LCD TV of Samsung brand and all was fine and dandy - until the panel self-cracked!?
I'm a bit frustrated at the moment as one day when i came home from work i noticed a big crack in the upper left corner of my few-months-old LCD TV from Samsung (LE40A676). Although the crack isn't HUGE (3-4 cm perhaps) it kind of sucks to have bought a TV for $1200 just to have it self-broken within a few months.

At first i thought it was me who had been uncautious, but then i couldn't recall when i even cleaned the TV the last time. This made me google for the phenomenon and i noticed a few people having problems with Samsung panels.

Anyway, i bought it from Media Markt and even paid for their (in)famous "plus guarantee", which makes you privileged enough to being able to call their 24/7 hotline or something. I called them and told my story, and that i had googled it, but it was a straight no-no and they claimed I had cracked it myself while cleaning it. I guess they have too many white trash drunkies and junkies calling in telling stories after having trashed the TV.

After this i e-mail Samsung sweden asking them if it's a recognised problem while appending links to the forum threads linked above.
The next step will be to go to the local Media Markt store where i bought the LCD, but i guess I'm not too hopeful about that.

The solution will be the home insurance i guess, but it's a pity today's products aren't of very good quality.

Have you had any similar problems?
2009-07-14, 17:54
This is a self-typed comment
2009-07-14, 23:00
There are EU laws regarding this. Within the first six months it is assumed that the defect was present when the item was bought unless the store can make probable that you indeed caused the defect yourself. Don't accept Media Markt's excuses.

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2009-07-15, 06:49
That really sucks, but as raz0 said - don't take their crap. They are just stalling as time will give them the advantage if you decide to go to "konsumentombudsmannen" or w/e it's called

From experience, the "special guarantees" usually do nothing, other than cost you money.
2009-07-15, 09:25
The next step will be to go to the local Media Markt store where i bought the LCD, but i guess I'm not too hopeful about that.

As a consumer, you have rights. If the seller gives you head-ache, you should turn to consumer protection. You already have found some "evidence" that there might be a flaw in the design, things shouldn't be too hard to get fixed.
2009-07-15, 11:43
Like conus said, contact an Ombudsman.
2009-07-15, 11:56
usually it's not worth buying from these stores (Siba, El giganten, Media markt etc..). Web shops with good ratings (such as komplett, dustin or webhallen) can compete when it comes to pricing and I had no problems at all with the warranty stuff).
2009-07-15, 12:56
mm the word ombudsman! one of the few swedish words that made it into the english language xD
2009-07-15, 13:19
Well, you obviously want to avoid a legal case, if you can. Try contacting Media Markt and inform them about your rights and demand they replace or repair the TV set free or charge. If they still won't budge you may need to threaten them, saying you will report them to the ombudsman and/or you will go to the press, but only do that as a last resort. Most people don't respond well to being threatened . If they still refuse fulfil your threat.
2009-07-15, 19:41
Hagge: Into the German language as well.
2009-07-16, 11:10
Nope it's a dutch word that made it into sweden/england and germany as well

no really... I have no clue, but it's also used in Holland.
2009-07-17, 08:56

From Swedish ombudsman < Old Norse umbošsmašr

2009-07-17, 08:56
It actually seems to be in almost every western european language
2009-07-17, 09:00
Ooh more!

The origin of the word is found in Old Norse and the word "umbuds man", meaning representative. The first preserved use in Swedish is from 1552. It is also used in the other Scandinavian languages such as the Icelandic umbošsmašur, the Norwegian ombudsmann and the Danish ombudsmand.

Are icelandic people still speaking old norse?
2009-07-19, 22:12
Yes icelandic people are speaking the language that is today closest to old norse. of course things have changed but its very close.
2009-08-05, 17:06
Heh, seems that this old word is much more interesting than self-destroying LCD-TV. :S
2009-09-04, 16:33
some old games are very interesting too
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