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┼ke Vader is a Swedish QuakeWorld player with a history that dates back almost all the way to 1996. While he may not be the most competitive player anymore, he can be spotted on the xs4all free for all server and in the odd 4on4 mix game.

Contributions to the QuakeWorld scene has mainly been through the European Quake League site once upon a time, the now put to rest Refragged news site and countless posts in the forum. His occupation is within quality assurance engineering and in his free time he tries to stay fit and enjoy all that life has to offer!
Tournaments  /  15 Jun 2009, 15:08
DHS2009 QW: lessons learned
In retrospective I'll try to sum up what i thought was good and bad about the Quakeworld tournament on Dreamhack this year.
The Quakeworld community once again filled the 16 spots dedicated for the Quakeworld tournament on Dreamhack. Compare that with the 6(!) (of 16) players who showed up for CPMA and ~20 or so BYOC players who played in the Quake Live tournament and one realise that it's not bad at all.

To get an even better tournament next time i think there are some things that are worth improving. I'll try to list both positive and negative things in this little article. If you think i've missed out on something then please let me know in the comments!

Let's start with the good stuff...

Helpful admins
As always Dronar, Blaze and Pax (sorry if i've forgotten someone!) are doing a good job arranging the tournament and being patient with all the Quake noobs trying to get the TFT screens working and what not. Flexible, service minded people we like.

Location of tournament area
The location of the tournament area was a bit separated from the neverending techno music that is a natural part of the BYOC area for some reason. This made it very quiet and the temperature was perfect as there wasn't heaps of computers that increased the temperature. A bit of a drawback is that the "spontaneous" spectators weren't as many as when having the tournament area in the BYOC hall. Also, not close to BYOC = not close to the retards shouting "HALL┼┼┼┼┼"

Dreamarena extreme
You might have seen photos of the E-sports arena they had this time. It looked very professional, had a huge display with the players on stage and the crowd cheering.

Final commentary
With Toogood having Phil on the side as expert commentator, this was a huge success and i think the DM6 game in the final was the most professional commentary i've heard in QW.

Tournament during the weekend
This was good because people with jobs don't have to take days off to come.

...and then the less good stuff...

I am critizing myself here as there were really no scores at all from the group stages of the tournament on I have no good explanation as for why things did turn out like this. :I

Group stage format (not BO3 maps)
An annoying thing, although i obviously benefited a great deal from this, was the slightly non-standard rules in the group games. I see no real reason to why there shouldn't be BO3 games in the group stages too, like usual. I heard rumors that the reason was to save time, but i'm not sure...this definitely need to be considered in the future.
2009-06-15, 15:09
posting this for now, will update when i come to think about more stuff.
2009-06-15, 16:23
I think the reason why you didnt spend time on posting group game results and tables is quite simple. You were having fun. Good reason, allthough it would've been nice if someone posted results and tables etc!
2009-06-15, 16:35
2009-06-15, 19:25
yeah, doing coverage at the same time you're at the lan seems kinda impossible.. there's always something you are busy doing :-) bo3 4sure next time, the admins said that we are to decide so let's have a vote about it among the players next time? bra fest.
2009-06-17, 18:50
As for coverage, I wanted to do a lot of it but in the end I failed (it would have been found over at SK's site then). I found a few reasons for this and will write a longer piece about it later if anyone wants to read but basically the reason for it was that I hadn't prepared the coverage enough.

However with Dreamhack Stockholm coming I will learn a lot more and by Dreamhack Winter you guys can expect AWESOME coverage of all DH quake tournaments at

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