Age :39
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
Åke Vader is a Swedish QuakeWorld player with a history that dates back almost all the way to 1996. While he may not be the most competitive player anymore, he can be spotted on the xs4all free for all server and in the odd 4on4 mix game.

Contributions to the QuakeWorld scene has mainly been through the European Quake League site once upon a time, the now put to rest Refragged news site and countless posts in the forum. His occupation is within quality assurance engineering and in his free time he tries to stay fit and enjoy all that life has to offer!
Tournaments  /  15 Jun 2009, 01:33
DH is over...
...and the QW people are ending the weekend over at my place.
It's been two stressful days for the QW players but now it's finally over with Locktar standing as the winner.

Apart from the QW tournament itself i must say that thee biggest thing this time has been the social part with the great people that are part of the community that I had completely forgotten about (or perhaps not really gotten to know at all before?). The bjud among the people really makes you want to attend the next event, and i think even the Q3 players are a bit jealous of the community feeling we had among the QW people at the event. I must say i recommend anyone to go to the next event, and i don't think it's impossible that they extend the QW 1on1 tournament even further on behalf of CPMA (which only had 6 people playing this time, two of them being true CPMA players) if players would show up.

On top of all this we really played the tournament for free this time as the entrance fee was sponsored by Intel. If you're having doubts about going next time, i can assure you it's going to be a good experience, and you're most likely making friends for a good time ahead. (as i'm writing this Locktar and Bps are singing "Hallelujah" with Lugia/Bjudia who promised he's going to start pressing Quake and timing items until next time. That can turn out to be interesting!)

2009-06-15, 01:34
I'm a bit sentimental atm and a more coherent summary may come some other day :>
2009-06-15, 01:47
we want more clips/pics ffs! q_p gg
2009-06-15, 02:28

By the way, nice job on your high placing. Making it out of your group looked like it might be tough, but doing it then beating lakso is a pretty big deal!
2009-06-15, 08:44
Bra fest! What more is there to say =)
2009-06-15, 08:50
Written at 04:30 on a sunday...zzz. The neighbours came knocking, Riosatiy fell asleep and missed his train that left at 6am and i'm feeling shit at work. It was fun though and it has been a nice weekend!
2009-06-17, 19:15
The social part of Quake is awesome. Really the best thing about the game is the community surrounding it and while I didn't enjoy the party at Åke's place I had a lot of fun meeting you all, specially talking to you guys at Scandic hotel was fun.

Hope to see you guys at LANs in the future. If anyone is going to Dreamhack Stockholm (no, not any QW tournaments there but quakelive) tell me!
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