Age :39
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
Åke Vader is a Swedish QuakeWorld player with a history that dates back almost all the way to 1996. While he may not be the most competitive player anymore, he can be spotted on the xs4all free for all server and in the odd 4on4 mix game.

Contributions to the QuakeWorld scene has mainly been through the European Quake League site once upon a time, the now put to rest Refragged news site and countless posts in the forum. His occupation is within quality assurance engineering and in his free time he tries to stay fit and enjoy all that life has to offer!
Tournaments  /  14 Jun 2009, 00:36
Late update
So, read up, mothefuckers!
So, it's 02.30 o'clock and i'm in my apartment with a load of quakers in my house. The group stage is over and it's some surprising results that has come out of this tournament so far. Locust losing maps to Hagge and Lakso, wtf? This means i'm in an awfully good position to reach the finals even.

At the moment it looks like this:

Ake Vader vs Lakso ("Creme Bryle"
Nabbe vs V0o

Bps vs Xantom
Locust vs Locktar

As you can see, if i beat Lakso i will probably face Nabbe in the semifinal. Although i feel both Lakso and Nabbe are superior to me in 1on1, or rather should be, i don't feel it's impossible to reach the finals.

Oh well, let's see tomorrow. I'lkl try to upload some photos tomorrow/tonight. The people here are Zalon, Medar, Xantom, Hagge, Phil and R1osatiy. The bjudes who thought it was enough at scandic includes bps, lakso and loocktar. Such progamers! :<

Oh well, time for another beer, and to kick Riosat1ys ass in Fifa again perhaps? Over and out!
2009-06-14, 09:45
im still watching you.
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