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Sport  /  24 May 2009, 12:19
French Open 2009.
If you don't like tennis you can stop reading.

At this point some of you might ask yourself why I'm writing a blog entry about TENNIS, but let me tell you: With regard to the quality of tennis played, this sport has never been better than now - at least in men's tennis. The sheer amount of great players is astonishing. Now I'm guessing everyone enthusastic enough about tennis to actually read this blog already knows all the big players, so let me point out a few perhaps less known players, which I hope will do well.
First and foremost:
Gilles "Mulles" Müller, Luxembourg

Currently seeded #75 in the world, this guy is Luxembourg's only remaining hope when it comes to tennis. There used to be a female player called Anne Kremer (once the #18 of the world), but she's on her way to retirement and will most likely not participate in any more grand slams, except for Wimbledon, perhaps.
So anyway: The French Open are a clay court tournament, and clay has always been the worst surface for Gilles Müller. He already participated in the French Open twice before (2005 & 2006) and always lost in the first round. But, looking at his recently played Grand Slams, there might be hope for Mulles. At the US Open in Aug./Sept. of 2008 he made it all the way to the 1/4-Final (after beating Tommy Haas, Nicolas Almagro, Nikolai Davydenko and eventually losing to Roger Federer) and also made it to the third round of the Australian Open 2009 (eventually losing to Juan Martin del Potro, currently #5 in the world).
But Müller's first opponent is not an easy one: Mikhail Youzhny from Mother Russia (currently #45). Not easy, but doable! Allez Mulles! Roude Léiw, huel se!

Ernest Gulbis, Latvia

This guy (seeded #41) is like the Latvian version of Novak Djokovic. They both attended Nikola Pilic's tennis academy in Munich and they both came out pro on the other end. While nowhere near as successful as Djokovic (yet?), Gulbis does seem like he's on his way up, and clay is also his best surface. He made it to the 1/4-Final of last year's French Open, to this day his best grand slam performance. Earlier this year he played in some big clay tournaments, and despite never getting very far, he DID beat notable players such as Almagro (clay, Rome) and Tursunov (clay, Zagreb) as well as Djokovic (hard, Brisbane). He's a polite, funny young gun from Latvia (not exactly a tennis-nation) and plays spectacular tennis. First round game vs Sam Querrey, gonna be tough!

Berhard Tomic, Australia

Seeded at #358 in the world, this guy isn't exactly famous or successful, but his big days are still to come. And they WILL come. Being 16 years old, this guy recently made history by becoming the youngest player ever to have won a senior's game at a grand slam. He beat Italy's Potito Starace at the Australian Open before losing his round two game against nobody less than Gilles Müller. Nevertheless, his performance impressed the organisers of the French Open, so they gave this guy a wildcard since he didn't actually qualify. He is going to have to play Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber (#29) in the first round, so I'm not sure he should even unpack at the hotel, but who knows, maybe he's in for a surprise. But well, even if he doesn't do well this time, Bernard Tomic is a name you won't need to memorise as we'll surely hear a lot of him in the future. With Lleyton Hewitt not being the gun he used to be, Australia has found its new hero.

Other players I'm looking forward to seeing:
- Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
- Andy Murray
- Gaël Monfils
- Philipp Kohlschreiber
- Marat Safin
- James Blake
- Jarkko Nieminen
And of course:
- Roger Federer

And who is going to win the French Open 2009? I'm going to say Roger Federer. Chances are slim, but I really want him to beat Sampras' record. Also, I prefer chocolate to Paella.

Furthermore, I would like to invite all tennis enthusiasts to #ibh on QuakeNet. It's where the few QW playing tennis nerds (sassa, latency, zeus, spoink, etc) hang out. Lots of tennis-talk there usually, so come join us!
2009-05-24, 15:03 --> a response to your last pic

:/ (youre going to hate me for that pic ^^)
2009-05-24, 17:56
Demnächst aber 'was über Fußball!
2009-05-24, 18:01
Federer will be like:

And Nadal will do:

And then Federer will do:

Eventually Nadal will think:

time, you obviously have no idea about tennis! Nadal is an incredible athlete, but so boring to watch. 200 km/h spin, 200 km/h spin, 200 km/h spin, 200 km/h spin,...
You should support Frederico Gil instead!!
2009-05-24, 18:08
I support my country mate but, yes, i have no idea about tennis :<
2009-05-24, 18:23
Unfortunately Gil already lost his first round game earlier today though.
2009-05-24, 20:06
hahahahhahahahahhaa "Im a little more tougher, no??"
2009-05-24, 20:11
I knew it that you would take up Gil
what about that girl from lux? and the wozniacki? from denmark?
the womens french open is good aswell, I honestly dont know who will win this year now that henin has stopped!!
any russian? sharapova or the american williams?

What goes on for the guys, its pretty clear that nadal is the HUGE favourite and I have even heard that he has a huge chance of winning a "real" grand slam!

But I still cant understand your hate for nadal, I think its because he is the only thing stopping roger from becoming the best in the books, right?
2009-05-24, 20:19
I dislike hewitt so damn much, I miss the old nice pat rafter type that australian tennis players usually had
I hope that Tomic will be that kind of player )
2009-05-24, 20:21
Nadal is the Milton of tennis
2009-05-24, 20:29
btw, schedule tomorrow is:
tomorrow at Chatrier (22:00 cet)
[Dinara Safina vs Anne Keothavong]
[rafa vs marcus daniel]
[roger vs alberto martin]

Söderling will play at 11 cet on Court6 vs Kevin Kim (USA)
2009-05-24, 20:46
The girl from Lux (Anne Kremer) is kinda out of the picture and I expect her to retire during the season. She is now ranked #1071 and getting old. There are two other girls from Luxembourg named Mandy Minella (#242) and Claudine Schaul (#355), but I doubt they'll be in the spotlight anytime soon.

And you're absolutely right Sassa: Pat Rafter was such a cool guy. My alltime favourite player from Australia! Like I said, Tomic has got a lot of potential, but he too will need another 1-2 years at least to reach the top50. Well... let's wait and see.

I would like Wozniacki or Dementieva to win the women's singles, but I'm afraid one of the Williams sisters is gonna make it. Sharapova seems out of the picture since her shoulder injury earlier this year. She is back, but her game isn't that good anymore. And Inanovic hasn't impressed lately anymore either.

Super strong performance by Ernest Gulbis today. He totally owned his American opponent Sam Querrey. Made 108 points of of which 96 (!!) were "winners"! Happy to see such a strong performance by the dude. I'm telling you, Sassa, you'd like this guy too. He's like a Latvian copy of Djokovic!

As for Nadal: I don't "hate" him. In fact I actually think he's a nice guy. I just don't like the way he plays: He is an amazing athlete, with determination and stamina like no other player, but his entire game revolves around force, not style or technique. When does Nadal ever play a stop-ball from the baseline or a backhand cross-court slice? It's all just BAM *spin*, BAM *spin*, BAM *spin*. He simply doesn't have the graceful repertoire like Federer or Murray.
And yes, I want Federer to beat all records before someone takes his place!

Gilles Müller is playing his first round game vs. Youzhny at 11:00 too. I won't be home until about 13:00, but hopefully I'll be able to find a stream for it then! Good luck to Söderling!
2009-05-24, 21:56
Youzhny is good if his serve have a good day, doesnt he play serve-volley?
Think Gilles will take Youzhny down tomorrow!!
Rafa and Roger will have a nice journey to the second round but Im worried alot, since Murray will play Rafa soon and if rafa goes out he will have his FIRST Roland Garros loss

Ivanovic played good today winning vs some italian chick, she was so damn good the first 4 "games" and I think she can perhaps win it again this year! I just DONT want the sisters to be near the final, ush ush ush!!

Ohh my old pal Safin, come on dude, once Pete the great said, "I have never played against anyone this good" about Safin. Something went wrong with this (now) old lad, was it the injuries? girls? party? alcohol? or just lack of motivation?
I dont know, but one thing I know is that, if he has a good day, he can even beat the king of clay, Rafa!

Each French open I have always a favourite player that plays it year after year, his name is santoro. My french favo with his double hand forehand =))) is something that every tennis fan should watch to see the wonders a now 40 year old tennis player can do where is he? injured? retired? Man I love his playing style, so damn vicious.

For rafa vs roger, I have to say that I love the fightingspirit of nadal, it makes me go "CHAAAMOOON" like he always say
Roger is great in everyway but he doesnt have that fightingspirit that nadal has
SO CHAMMOOOON now nadal and yes I will check out your little latvia boy from now on

Dugo, where are you? stop working hihi
2009-05-25, 13:21
does there exist any picture of a tennis player with his mouth closed?
2009-05-25, 15:25
phil: I fear not. There was one of a Swedish tennis player, which has been taken 1986 iirc. It was also made available once on the Internet but it has been taken offline again. Even doesn't show it anymore. Maybe someone can upload it again?
2009-05-25, 19:23
Sampras is still my hero, but I do hope that Federer will win Roland Garros, he's been pretty close too many times
2009-05-25, 19:26
phil, yes it exist:
2009-05-25, 20:45
2bad Gilles lost vs Youzhny

Rafa/roger took easy wins, Söderling won pretty tight but still 3-0, most surprising was that sharapova lost a set this early!

I missed all games today, lets see what games we got tomorrow
2009-05-25, 20:50
Wozniacki is playing atm and has 1-1 in set, lost the first but came back!

tomorrows lineup on CHATRIER is looking really intresting!!

starts at 11 cet

Jelena Jankovic (SRB)[5] vs Petra Cetkovska (CZE)
Nicolas Lapentti (ECU) vs Novak Djokovic (SRB)
Julien Benneteau vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA)[9]

Jankovic/djokovic and tsonga, thats my bet
2009-05-26, 14:30
Yeah too bad Gilles lost his first game, but well, clay was never his surface. He's a hard-court-man, so his good season is only from september til march.

Maria Kirilenko, my favourite Russian hottie, is already out too :

I love Safin too by the way. Too bad it's his last French Open. He already announced that he will retire and start a tennis academy some time during the year.

Djokovic got through easy. REALLY looking forward to Tsonga playing now! Gulbis playing again tomorrow I think, looking forward to that too!

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