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Started playing Quakeworld in 1997. Always been active in the community. With strong opinions about the game and the path it should follow, always fought the conservative qw ideals. Lately has been involved in bringing new players into the game, making their life easier and promoting different game modes and maps.

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IRL  /  4 May 2009, 11:16
quinas international meeting

just a quick reminder that Quinas international meeting will take place the next saturday, may 9th, on Coimbra, Portugal.

Current confirmed attendants are

and the one guy making it international, the infamous

For more info visit

No, this will not be a lan. its a meeting, we will prolly get drunk and talk about quake
2009-05-04, 11:22
Get quaked and talk drunk?
2009-05-04, 12:08
2009-05-04, 18:51
go quinas, we want a report from the "meeting" afterwards ofc, and some nice pics and videos!
2009-05-05, 08:13
are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into hedgepig? 11 portuguese ppl may be a bit too much to handle x]
2009-05-06, 01:16
You could be right Hagge... especially with Dib "the rage monster" and his trusty sidekick wuShu attending. If you don't hear from me by the 12th please send in the A-Team.
2009-05-06, 06:08
hehe will do! I will send in milton first, with quad of course
2009-05-06, 17:04
Milton will just spectate silently, if I have a problem I need B.A. et al. If you can find
them, maybe you can hire them.
2009-05-06, 17:11
ENTAO CARALHO ta tudo? ao tempo.. fodasse ainda existem tugas nestas bandas.. e o caralho do meeting marcam em coimbra? ainda por cima numa ma' altura... quando e' que vcs bois veem ca a madeira? digam algo um abraço a todos vois..
vou ao porto em julho.. um fim de semana de relampago :s..
mushi heuiahuehuiehuehue
2009-05-06, 17:15
so agora e' que reparei bem nos old school todos.. heheh
2009-05-06, 20:56
raped robbed murdered not particularly in that order
2009-05-07, 14:02
*Brilho nos olhos*

2009-05-08, 08:22
english motherfuckers, do you speak it?
2009-05-08, 14:52
post deleted: offensive

Edited by mushi on 11 May 09 @ 17:05CET
2009-05-08, 17:42
Oi? Tu pensa qué quem meu irmão?
2009-05-12, 09:32
#13 lol
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