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Misc  /  6 Apr 2009, 00:54
Milton vs Kingpin
I was shocked, the QTV site stated that milton had only 7 frags after 10 minutes!
I thought what is all this about so I tuned in to see what was going on and found out a nice drama to cover
Players: Milton vs Kingpin
Map: Dm3
Game: Mix
Type: 4on4
Server: Wargamez

#1 Dm3 game
I saw this from the qtv and milton with only 7 frags after 10 min, wtf??

But after a while he catched up and ended the round pretty good:

#1 Drama
Now milton said he wanted to swap teams with kingpin but kinpin refused and milton after a while said: "why talk, you play in qw, get ready" and after some whine from some players, the players got ready!

#2 Dm3 game
Milton played pretty good here but couldnt get much help from his teamm8s and kinda got raped by kingpin

#2 Drama
Now the other players got feed up with the teams and they wanted some changing and one player said "what about captains?"
So be it, milton got captain #1 and kingpin with force from other people got to be captain #2 hihihihi
Milton got diki, kinping got 2 other, etc...
Kinping directly after that started to whine and bitch when the rest of the players just got plain ready
waiting waiting waiting for Kingpin to get ready, he didnt move or anything and after 5min of spamming he said "I was pissing"
So he finally got ready!

#3 Dm3 game
Milton got a nice start and just exploded throughout the game with setting up ya/ra for diki!!! no chance for Kingpin here at all

#3 Drama
After the game some people voted for e1m2/dm2/cmtX etc but milton said:
"We could play dm3 with these teams until 6am"
Kingpin said, I need some sleep" and left the server and directly after that joined QTV
Milton left when Kingpin left

Now question goes out there, who is this Kingpin trying to be? better than the last god of QW?

Download the demos at chtv
2009-04-06, 00:58
ok this is lol
2009-04-06, 03:05
Reppie is the last god of quake btw

On LAN Reppie > Milton
2009-04-06, 03:06
And yes this little drama was full of lolz
2009-04-06, 05:52
Nice drama update!

Reppie is still a qw god. Milton is the other one
2009-04-06, 06:50
Funny, I could have sworn that 4on4 was played with 8 people.
2009-04-06, 13:53

Milton after the 3rd map : " let's mix all night with these teams" (the rape team with milton AND diki)

yeah right
2009-04-06, 13:53
btw no diki - no win
2009-04-06, 14:26
2009-04-06, 15:34
Is this the new Gazetta dello Sport?
2009-04-07, 06:24
Gazetta dello Quaka
2009-04-07, 17:08
lol stev
2009-04-08, 08:16
haha and update from sassa that I actually LIKED! clearly someone was just fakenicking as milton the first games Be
2009-04-08, 15:34
did u stop to realize it was diki owning all along?
2009-04-08, 18:00
Sassa you failure! Diki is the last legend, Milton is nothing compared to him, now pay your respect to the real god of QW!

Funny drama though.
2009-04-28, 07:44
lol at reppie's comment
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