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Misc  /  13 Mar 2009, 01:11
Just a reminder that...
CHEATS exist.

Once in a while, we remind ourselves that cheats in qw do exist. Usually not for a good reason. Someone got caught, or, well, someone got caught Gladly, today is harder to cheat in qw than it was 5 years ago. Still, there are some fellas that want to take the risk (and ruining other ppl's fun).
This time it was in Brazil. Some guy called Synister got caught using wallhack. Here's the proof:

Snap taken in a match *AnM* vs Low in 12/03/2009 00:27-AM in KTX UOL-GAMES server. Can easily see the enemy underwater.

To take a snapshot from a client is a feature that is implemented in mvdsv for years. It has helped caughting wallhackers several times. Basically the server sends a request to take screenshot in the client and then saves it, and the admin can download it. That's why it has a strange appearance. This feature is protected, it can only be used by the server's admin.

In Brazil the admins suspect that are more players using this cheat, at least here in europe it doesnt happen.

Its sad to talk about this here, but sometimes we got to remember that some ppl likes ruining other ppl's fun. and we hate them.
Here you can check the demo if you're interested.
2009-03-13, 08:52
glad that he got caught but I feel 100% sure that there's noone playing in eql or qwdl that cheats, maybe some sneaky russian that you barely know of? (ilf jr?) but not other than that all the top players are clean!
2009-03-13, 10:05
cant believe people are still trying to cheat.those guys must be so desperate.
thats the advantage of a small community tho. the black sheeps get filtered out very fast...
somehow this keeps me playing qw aswell - in other games i feel cheated all the time when i lose
2009-03-13, 16:49
Still i'm not 100% sure people don't cheat here in Europe. I do think think it's rare to find cheats like these, but cheating in the way of fakers and ghosting... I'm afraid that still happens.

I've encountered teams doing it when I pracced with them or trialed for them. Things I never expected of those teams, but they did.
Personally im 100% anti cheating, i just freaking hate it.
2009-03-14, 18:18
spoink wrote:
thats the advantage of a small community tho. the black sheeps get filtered out very fast...

Not so sure about that. I remember when one of the players from DOGS practically destroyed FFA for several weeks and got away with it, and that was less than a year ago. He wasn't "filtered" out and the clans that boycotted DOGS as a clan were punished due to "bad sportsmanship". If there's solid proof of people cheating nowadays the players should be banned for life.
2009-03-15, 09:53
which teams ghosted during pracs kwibus?
2009-03-15, 11:07
Chosen did Be
2009-03-16, 01:18
to prevent ghosting just write /nospecs
let the players use qtv
2009-03-16, 17:25
Yeah under tournaments don't allow any spectators, just QTV..
2009-03-18, 07:24
erm.. bullshit that it's difficult to cheat in QW nowadays
2009-03-18, 12:28
If you got some coding skills it would probably not be hard to fool the screenshot-thingy by toggling the wallhack off when a screenshot is requested and still validate the client. would be a more foolproof (although it has some drawbacks) approach to the wallhacking.
Ghosting can easily be prevented by not allowing spectators and use QTV.
And aimbotters probably gets scared if there are too many QTV-users/spectators.
2009-03-18, 21:46
I remember I saw people through walls on my old cpu with GeForce 2 with fuhquake that had no modified stuff when I was playing my first games on deathmatch. I dont think I ever got to play any competetive games with that setup if I remember correctly
2009-03-21, 00:22
hagge :E
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