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EQL  /  2 Feb 2009, 20:59
Div1 sobīs
As I looked through the teams that might play in div1 (or gold or whatever) of EQL9 I couldn't stop notice tVS getting a replacement (?) for DiKi and the old fragomatic star player XantoM, that have the past seasons travelled around in various teams.
Will this man be the end of any contest in Div1?

Activity has sprung up the past days and as the Sassa-cam I am, Im always hooked up of watching the top teams play their usual preseason games, that continues into the 4th week of the season before finally playing official games
The Russians, nopassarant (no!), have been the past years upcoming team with huge activity and taking all the big .ru stars with them like xn and b1aze!
the Viper Squad

The latest months have looked like a non-contesting-show with tVS barely getting any prac and almost dismantling their squad but somehow in the mix up all this XantoM released alot of the pressure that he had on him with qwdrama and finally found some quality QW time and joined up with tVS.
Is the season really over now before it even begun?
Ihminen, Xantom and Blaze are all deadly but with a tiny sparkle of Milton they all become 100% dead to all teams.
#1 Ihminen (coach)
#2 Milton (star)
#3 Blaze
#4 XantoM


Druidz lost in the eql9 semifinals vs no!, WTF????
Yeah, that does happen and I might know why!
From what I know of bps, from the Suddendeath days, I know that he likes to be in a regular praccing environment and that's how he becomes deadly (not as milton, but div0 deadly).
Lakso, is a good #4 player that does what needs to be done but nothing extravaganza.
Goblin, what is he doing in the team? He bores, takes to much powerups and dont got the teamplay feeling imo, way to much ffa for my taste, actually the whole team feels like a mix team, why not take red/blue instead of DRz, dosnt matter!
Mawe, this guy knows his shit if he is still activ but on the downside I dont think he is in shape of a battle vs tVS in the main room of QW, same for locktar sorry dude!
Reppie is the man that saves them from disaster, game after game and is the only one keeping them alive of the main contender of tVS.
Razor? YES, he just joined up with them and at the first glance he looked way to scared and shaky but it took acouple of rounds and he is looking like the man that will lift DRz up a notch and might even take one or two maps vs tVS.

#1 Bps (coach)
#2 Reppie (star)
#3 Razor
#4 lakso


The guys are back in town and we have missed them SO DAMN MUCH!
They dont only bring hardcore srspawns but also alot of drama to the game that is in need of some hot games that matters more than just a EQL game, we need their delays and discussions + the hate, oh lord of QW, the hate!
So what can we expect from the scraps of two inactive div1 teams (sr1 sr2)?
Zero, taking insanes spot and improving it with even worse ping
Murdoc, always supreme thinker of the game that has a great calm that a winner need in the big games.
Krab, get more stable dude, please, its needed for the team to win, when your on top sr wins always!
Paradoks, the dane that cant be stopped, not much more to say here just that he is the best around when he is active.
I even heard that insane might get back soon, he is signed up in the Polish squad for Nations Cup.
Purity? get rid of him, or have him for prac use!
Mja, great player with the strange bunnys can be a good replacement for krab when he is not feelign good = each other map!
Forgot anyone?
#1 Murdoc (coach)
#2 Paradoks (star)
#3 Zero
#4 Krab/Mja

The conclusion

Slackers will win this, they will!!!!!
They have the experience, the skill and mostly they have been there and done it before!

The road is long and tough + a milton to walk over, but it can be done, believe in yourself Slackers, because this season Im behind you!

ps. illitracy is my thing!
2009-02-02, 21:31
Yeah it's so cool that slackers are back, also good to see that tVS will be playing, even with all the rumours. However it's a bit weird seeing XantoM breaking up the all time Finnish lineup of tVS, it is better than them not playing tho

But where is Diki, and what about their new prodigy padawan luckyshot? They got too scared of slackers, so they had to recruit?

Also what about koff?
2009-02-02, 23:42
Diki quit and there was simply no free finnish div1 players available. Left me with 3 options, quitting, joining another team or going international with tVS. Luckyshot is with us but it is my opinion that he is not ready for top games in div1.
2009-02-02, 23:44
koff is dead, scenic moving to Japan or some shit.
2009-02-03, 04:14
if you like live action better than written blogs or just want to make up your own mind check out the 4on4 demos uploaded today to ch-tv. sr, tvs and drz all played praccs.
2009-02-03, 04:19
nice read as usual, sassa
2009-02-03, 06:33
big in japan! alright! big in japan!
2009-02-03, 10:52
Think you got 3b and no! mixed up
2009-02-03, 17:09
EDIT: Same as above, english only.

Edited by Renzo on 03 Feb 09 @ 18:30CET
2009-02-03, 17:49
If you play in a top clan, be prepared that people will talk about your performance - and not always in a positive way.
2009-02-03, 18:34
Please edit the drama back and translate into english. Without QWdrama we need the little stuff we can get
2009-02-03, 19:32
We have guidelines for moderating blogs/comments and calling people idiot or threatening them will NOT be accepted. Blogs that are highly abusive get deleted or modified by the original author.

Do NOT post such replies.

I accidentally deleted blaze's reply too, sorry about that, thanks to flooding the comments with one word replies. So thanks being childish and everything.
2009-02-03, 20:02
Thanks for stopping by, come back again in two weeks of time. I will clean up some edited replies from above too.
2009-02-03, 20:47
Good read Sassa, but you have an error in the Druidz paragraph. Like riosaty said it is 3b and not no! and it was eql8 and not eql9. Good job anyway
2009-02-04, 01:51
Did I die or what? :<<< sadface
2009-02-04, 09:08
omg our secret agenda is finally going to pay off! cmf will get into div2?
2009-02-04, 09:27
For some reason sassa forgot about mille, even tho ParadokS see him as their best player
2009-02-04, 13:46
yeah nice read sassa! perhaps you are up to some more of this? some more info/predictions about cmf, sd, 3b, etc ?
2009-02-04, 15:34
fyi: the russian team you mention is 3B not no!
2009-02-04, 15:40
I think you have 3B and no! mistaken. Am I FIRST? No?
2009-02-05, 09:55
Reppie, I shall come up with some more information about cmf sd 3b and axemen soon hopefully
2009-02-05, 14:38
it's always funny to read what sassa writes, since I mostly disagree with most of it
2009-02-05, 15:36
Yeah, Sassa is best on what he does!
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