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LANs  /  2 Jan 2009, 18:39
qhlan12 by internet
gonna try to cover qhlan12 from the internet!
First time in 5(?) years Im not attending to the lan but hey, we can watch it from the net right?
The QW servers are at place and dronar+peppe are downloading linux to some pc and will burn it on a cd so they can isntall it


Medar or someone has put up some localhost servers (3 ports) which inet ppl cant reach without qtv etc etc etc so I dont know whats happening there


QTV is promised on the servers that will come up


Tourney site is still down wtf????!?!?! I think willgurth+zalon will fix that if not xantom has already fixed it?


I dont have a clue of who the attendees are, can you guys please comment it here?


I dont have any julmust+cheezedoodle+snus but I have cocacola+snus+lasange this time


no Im not at the lan

important sites: and


If you got info, msg me on irc "roz_" Im on the #qhlan channel
2009-01-02, 18:41
oh ps. 1on1 tourney starts at 22 cet (group games)
2009-01-02, 18:50
coca-cola + snus + chips for tonight it is!!!!! Tacos hade varit gott med :/
2009-01-02, 19:20
some quick names who are here
mushi, zalon,paradoks,bps,locktar,phil, raket, razo, goniec, itsinen, medar, lethalwiz
2009-01-02, 19:24
2009-01-02, 19:25
The tourney site will be online around 21 cet, thats in 30 min
servers? its in progress
2009-01-02, 19:27
The connection dosnt matter since they will all play inside of the lan on localhost servers!
I would like to see a game between drz and tvs

Any games you ppl would like to spec?
2009-01-02, 19:29
xantom has gone underground? :/
2009-01-02, 19:31
xantom aka the coward from norrköping is always underground when QHLAN starts
2009-01-02, 19:36
jag är här!
2009-01-02, 19:36
2009-01-02, 20:04
servers up 2 3 4 5 6

gonna try to fix qqtv
2009-01-02, 20:12
nice by dronar/peppe to setup the server and renzo to fix the qtv
2009-01-02, 20:12
ps. should work on
2009-01-02, 20:21
tempalias qhlan1 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan2 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan3 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan4 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan5 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan6 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
2009-01-02, 20:24
sassa is a fag

tempalias qhlan1 "connect"
tempalias qhlan2 "connect"
tempalias qhlan3 "connect"
tempalias qhlan4 "connect"
tempalias qhlan5 "connect"
tempalias qhlan6 "connect"
2009-01-02, 20:25
tempalias qhlan1 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan2 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan3 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan4 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan5 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan6 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan7 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan8 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan9 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
2009-01-02, 20:42
tourney site is up and another server machine will get online soon with more ports

site to see the players

you can join and have 45 min to do so the 1ono1 will start at 22:30 gl hf
2009-01-02, 20:46
someone told me that fishy = nicodemus or something
2009-01-02, 20:48
Signed up ffor the 1on1 so far are:
[1] 1tsinen
[2] blsp
[3] bps
[4] LocKtar
[5] m0lle
[6] mazer
[7] Medar
[8] mushi
[9] ok98
[10] raz0
[11] reppie
[12] sidd
[13] tom
[14] willgurht
[15] zappater

Mutilator is kicking pericles/paradoks ass right now in 2on2
2009-01-02, 20:51
mutilator joined the field for the 1on1 and so did zalon
2009-01-02, 20:59
where is mawe???
lakso is ill and will come tomorrow hopefully
2009-01-02, 21:07
muti/fishy vs pericles/para dm6 now!! hot
2009-01-02, 21:16
only 6 ports/machine and we got another machine on, ill fix aliases now

tempalias qhlan11 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan12 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan13 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan14 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan15 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan16 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"

tempalias qhlan21 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan22 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan23 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan24 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan25 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"
tempalias qhlan26 "connect ; echo sassa is my god"

qtv at the same place aand all on thnx renz/junior
2009-01-02, 21:20
10 min left of the 1on1 duel registration to close and the signups are here

[1] 1tsinen
[2] blsp
[3] bps
[4] drizzy
[5] Faustov
[6] fil
[7] fishy
[8] Fluffigt
[9] fragbag
[10] goniec
[11] grisling
[12] GrYmmT
[13] Hectic
[14] LethalWiz
[15] LocKtar
[16] Lornelin
[17] m0lle
[18] mazer
[19] Medar
[20] mooncommander
[21] mushi
[22] mutilator
[23] Nahaz
[24] ok98
[25] paradoks
[26] Peppe
[27] pericles
[28] raket
[29] raz0
[30] reppie
[31] sidd
[32] super
[33] tom
[34] willgurht
[35] Zalon
[36] zappater

10 10 10 min left where is mawe?
2009-01-02, 21:42
mawe is sick, i think
2009-01-02, 22:15
I have looked at the seedings and there will be GOLD SILVER BRONZE

44 players have signed up now and its looking good.

The music at the cafeteria is to loud for mazer

the 1on1 is around 45min delayed and will start shortly, I thought it would be even more delayed so 45-60min delay is aactually nothing.

Muti/locktar/reppie are all looking good but dont forget paradoks/bps and perhaps mazer? it should be your turn to upset abit today dude
the Gold ppl will go into 2 or 4 groups.

Ill write when I get more info
2009-01-02, 22:35
muti winning with only 2 frags vs medar on aerowalk but on dm6 he showed a much betteeer game but I dont think he will be closee to reppie if they face each other.

Muti lacks tactics etc on kenya maps and just becasue of that will he be #3 for me

#1 reppie
#2 locktar
#3 muti

can upset: Mazer/bps
2009-01-02, 22:38
in the official seeding you can see this:
#1 muti
#2 reppie
#3 locktar
#4 para
#5 bps

where is mazer? #7!! With grisling just ahead of him at #6

GL guys
2009-01-02, 23:03
Groups are up
2009-01-02, 23:05
[1] bps
[2] goniec
[3] mutilator
[4] ok98

[1] grisling
[2] m0lle
[3] Medar
[4] reppie

[1] LocKtar
[2] mazer
[3] tom
[4] votary

[1] blsp
[2] fragbag
[3] paradoks
[4] pericles

ps blsp will win groupD
2009-01-03, 00:50
Reppie vs molle 2-0
bps vs ok98 2-0 (bps was down 0-3in teh start and took it home easily)
locktar had some problems vs some pl dude on dm6 but fixed it but he sure looks not in good shape
Mutilator vs Bps
Aerowalk, I thought easy win for bps but mutilator won with 10 frags? and then he won dm4 after some trouble in the start
2009-01-03, 01:32
Reppie vs Grisling
Dm6 the ppl thought a easy victory for reppie and yes, we got the easy victory for reppie
Dm4, reppie leading with 10-2 loosing it and grisling took it over and was ahead with over 10 frags with 3 min left but then rep took over and it was a thriller in the end with alot of close frags etc and grislign won with 2 frags!!
aerowalk, reppie.!..

Best game so far at qhlan12
2009-01-03, 02:27
the schedule will kinda look like this:
1o1n playoffs saturday night
4on4 gruppgames saturday before the 1on1 playoffs
all finals sunday evening

this is the info I got and somethign about a 2on2 ladder of some sort?
2009-01-03, 02:51
There are alot of games missing from GOLD groupgames!
I still wanna see blsp play with 13 ms
2009-01-03, 17:02
Mawe is at qhlan now

Quarterfinals X= who I think will win
x mutilator
match 1-1

match 1-2
x paradoks

match 1-3
x grisling

match 1-4
x reppie
2009-01-03, 17:43
nice coverage sassa keep it up
2009-01-03, 18:43
Locktar won 3-0
Reppie won
Paradoks won 3-1 after a hot dm2

now its time for the last quarterfinal muti vs blsp and watch out for dm6 will be hot! Phil check it out
2009-01-03, 18:45
ps. 4on4 signups are open teams:

tag: DRz
captain: LocKtar
players: 4/5 (need 1 more)

tag: egda-
captain: Peppe
players: 2/5 (need 3 more)

fega gubbar
tag: fega
captain: LethalWiz
players: 1/5 (need 4 more)

captain: goniec
players: 1/5 (need 4 more)

tag: random.
captain: willgurht
players: 4/5 (need 1 more)

tag: -SD-
captain: ok98
team full.

a few players are free and waiting for a team I think:
1 drizzy
2 fil
3 mushi
4 raz0
5 Zalon
6 zappater

Find it all at the qhlan tourney site:
2009-01-03, 18:47
haha fil has fixed an armwrestling tourney on his site:

2009-01-03, 18:59
btw I found my love once again, Oscar Slm from Goteburgo
2009-01-03, 19:13
Locktar vs reppie

Muti/blsp vs paradoks
2009-01-03, 19:13
Locktar vs reppie

Muti/blsp vs paradoks
2009-01-03, 19:22
all 1on1 games are bo5
2009-01-03, 19:35
muti won 3-1 and will face paradoks now in the semifinals
after that we will have the other semifinal, reppie vs locktar hot hot hot
2009-01-03, 19:36
there is a 2on2 ladder for qhlan online now
2009-01-03, 20:28
In the armwrestling tourney we can find 5 signups
1: willgurht
2: ruskie
3: LocKtar
4: Zalon
5: mushi!

The players have started to play a few 4on4s (sd vs druidz) and now I can see 6 teams in the 4on4 tourney that will get its schedule soon. I was supposed to have started before the 1on1 playoffs
but they are still ahead of schedule imo.

some people say that ppl will stay until monday but as all qhlanss I have attended to they always stop morning of sunday and ppl leave then aswell.
Im happy that Im not attending since I know how fucking trashy the tripp home can be

its time to watch the Junior World Icehockey semifinal soon, sweden vs slovakia (slovakia beating usa surprisingly in the quarterfinals)
barca vs malorca 1-1 after 70 min

oh btw, the 2on2 ladder is up and 6-8 teams have signed up, I think they will start playing now
2009-01-03, 20:36
sad news
1on1 semifinals/finals will be played tomorrow, I guess the 4on4 will start now but what system will they usse with only 6-7 teams?
2009-01-03, 21:27
I heard that someone (not telling his name) got really drunk and left quietly
2009-01-03, 22:17
the seedings for the 4on4 is out and we have a total of 8 teams.

#1 Druidz Rep-laks/bps/mawe/locktar
#2 SD ok98/molle/gris/over/votar
#3 Sega lethal/muti/fish...
#4 Poland blsp/faus/tom..
#5 random itsi/medar/raket/will
#6 Egda peppe/lorn/grymmt...
#7 Fallen zalon/fil/raz0/mushi
#8 pickup zodet/hec...

that means that it will probably be 2 groups (I hope/think) with 4 teams in each group

Will be nic etonight with alot of 4on4 action
2009-01-03, 22:19
instead we got GOLD and SIlVER

Gold 1-4
Silver 5-8
2009-01-03, 22:30
#3 sega - lethalwiz, mm , paradoks, pericles
2009-01-03, 23:12
Reppie vs Locktar in 5 min? right after their 4on4 game vs sd )
I think we will have muti vs paradoks then and then the gran final )
Ill commentate the game, I will go back home soon and setup my commentary setup :
2009-01-04, 02:36

Springs found an old picture of the qhlan7 crew that went out and party one night

you can see flepser me rappie(reppies older brother) springs purity and pericles (inaci)
yeah Im grabbing flepsers balls
2009-01-04, 02:37
reppie 3-0 locktar
muti 3-2 paradoks

Hot games with me and fil commentating + zalon and pericles coming and talking to us

the live stream will be up all night with games and what not @
watch that shit and spread it around!
2009-01-04, 02:40
ohh forgot finals will be tomorrow both the 1on1 and 4on4 + hopefully the 2on2 finals from the ladder around 19 CET with live ocmmentary and everything
2009-01-04, 03:37
Nice coverage sassa, me and phil are doing interviews, so if you want us to interview someone, let me know.
2009-01-04, 05:35
interview all from the semis!
2009-01-04, 10:39
interview [9]Nikodemus
2009-01-04, 12:02
Give us questions for Nikodemus then!!!
2009-01-04, 13:02
Why are there no demos available yet? This coverage is such a joke
2009-01-04, 14:55
Presumably they'll upload the demos with a commentary pack. It takes time to make the audio files, and they're busy organising a lan and playing quake.
2009-01-04, 15:37
well I'm satisfied with just the .mvd, but maybe it's time that I start listening to the commentary as well.. might be fun don't think I have anything to learn from it though I'm just eager to see some games, and too lazy to watch them live
2009-01-04, 17:29
the bracket for the armwrestling compo is up @ LINKLINKLINK CLICK HERE


hectic-vs-ruskie ------/ -----------------------|
Fluffigt-vs-Zalon -------\ ----------------------|

HAHAHA I hope that looked good
I think hectic will win it all
2009-01-04, 17:30
the 4on4's should start very very very soon
2009-01-04, 17:38
4on4 gold groupgames

3.sega gubbar

4on4 silver groupgames

to many games to give a good table here

ps the 1on1 qhlan12 finals be be played in 20 min, thats 19:00 CET with commentary and live stream and shit

Commentary info: download teamspeak client and connect to (or )
Phil and Sassa (me) will commentate the game for you guys

to watch the game you have two options:
#1 qtv
#2 livestream

Welcome to the playhouse of god
2009-01-04, 17:54
who played for sega except pericles, paradoks and lethalwiz? you said mm before, but he doesn't even seem to be at qhlan? + how will the playoffs be played? with semis or straight to the final? or was it just a group and druidz won the whole tournament?
2009-01-04, 18:05
We need zalon zalon zalon!!!!!
he needs to setup the teamspeak and the live stream!
Im waiting for him to come, i have called both him and para and no1 of them are answering I think they are making a Child, the best qw child, both a good player and a good webdude

FFS guys get online
2009-01-04, 18:59
the live stream is great \o/ doesn't lag much at all or anything, really good work there!
2009-01-04, 19:42
mutilator lost 0-3 vs reppie
he got a total of 16 frags on dm2 dm4 and aerowalk

Now para vs locktar for the 3rd place (bo5 again)
1-1 now after dm2 and dm6 ;))
2009-01-04, 21:03
Thirdplace win for locktar vs paradoks!


Just saw the armwrestling live through the stream and lockitoppen won

hectic-vs-ruskie ------/ -------------------------------|
Fluffigt-vs-Zalon -------\ ------------------------------|
---------------------------|---Fluffigt-willgurht-------/ WINNER:
willgurht-vs-Lornelin--/ ===LOCKTAR===


Some hot 4on4 games now and the rest is history
Reppie is still there and only mutilator left with his friend! (work tomorrow)
2009-01-04, 23:37
pfff I would beat locktar at arm wrestling at any time
2009-01-05, 18:49
pics are online I think
druidz won 3-0 in the 4on4 finals vs Suddendeath after two thrilling maps dm2 and e1m2!

what more? dont know anything about the 2on2
2009-01-05, 21:53
hehe that dm3 was pretty harsh on sd.. reppie TOTALLY dominating the first 10 minutes, and then lakso the last 10.. man, if reppie played like he did at qh I actually think tvs could be in some trouble.. :-)
2009-01-05, 21:54
oh god, why can there never be pictures with names? it feels quite pointless for me to watch the pictures when I don't know who the people is..
2009-01-05, 21:56
wtf, wasn't this the guy I saw at the news the other day: ?? talking about skiing in sollentuna :-)
2009-01-07, 00:09
Thanks for the updates sassa and zalon.
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