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Misc  /  18 Nov 2008, 11:21
QuakeWorld and winter activity
Welcome, QuakeWorld!

As the days become shorter and shorter, every year a new hope for QuakeWorld arises. People decide to spend some time in the colourful world of Internet just to fight some stress. Traditionally, QuakeWorld activity has been at its peak every winter, but do will we take it into our advantage?
The attitude hasn't changed at all - we all expect our lovely game to thrive in the coming months. Everyone's waiting to get more action, but are we fully aware of how this might be the final attempt to revive our (slowly) dying game? I am appealing to everyone involved in this scene to start a discussion on the topic: WHAT WILL I DO TO HELP MY GAME? We must all start thinking about it. Winter is almost here, we have to find a plan to keep old veterens (who will surely play the game in winter period) and also get new players aboard.

Thank you for your attention
2008-11-18, 12:04
I will attend all (currently known) upcoming qw-related LANs!
2008-11-19, 08:35
At least Qhlan for me. If i attend it will be my 6'th consecutive \o/
2008-11-19, 16:46
I will play the occasional mix game!1!1
2008-11-19, 16:52
i will sit on my ass and make useless comments such as this.
2008-11-20, 08:22
qhlan \o/
2008-11-20, 10:43
Theres is on average 30 TDM 4on4 games played a day but this doesnt translate to EQL games played which is a pity. Strong league activity is important for the game.
2008-11-20, 19:35
Quake is like rock n roll it never dies..
2008-11-22, 22:41
well said
2008-12-02, 12:52
yea, new games are like numa-numa-guy funny at first but more boring the more you play it.
2009-01-13, 19:51
lol, well said Ruskie.
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