Age :38
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
Åke Vader is a Swedish QuakeWorld player with a history that dates back almost all the way to 1996. While he may not be the most competitive player anymore, he can be spotted on the xs4all free for all server and in the odd 4on4 mix game.

Contributions to the QuakeWorld scene has mainly been through the European Quake League site once upon a time, the now put to rest Refragged news site and countless posts in the forum. His occupation is within quality assurance engineering and in his free time he tries to stay fit and enjoy all that life has to offer!
Misc  /  11 Nov 2008, 20:39
Several years ago when had just opened its doors, Besmella-Quake was still alive and was alive and kicking there was this other site in the loop; Refragged. With the recent Milton vs Reppie celebrity Quaker showdown i thought I'd dig up some old interviews with both of them, but that wasn't as easy as i thought...
Well, the interviews are probably still to be found on the web somewhere. My main grief however is that i received an e-mail about a year ago that said the server Refragged was on was about to go down. The only thing i seemed to care about was to move the EQL site from the very same server if i remember correctly - not to save the latest files and database tables from the Refragged site.

Because of this it's not possible to offer any better archived version of Refragged than the one on I made a quick attempt to view the Reppie and Milton interviews without any success. :\ Will see if i may have a DB dump on my harddrive somewhere.

Found a database dump, will try to get the site up somewhere soon.

2008-11-12, 10:05 is weird at the moment, no links will work, you will have to search for each site from their interface:
2008-11-12, 23:52
hehe, i was on the same track as you ake when I looked at miltons wiki and found that interview link to refragged, I will try to see if its somewere near
2008-11-12, 23:53
okey, found an interview now that did way back:
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