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TV  /  7 Nov 2008, 19:44
The presidential elections in USA is finally over and in the end an african american is the winner and the first african-american president in USA
is this good?

What kind of consequences will this give to the rest of the world?

A new NAFTA agreement + will Obama sign the kyoto agreement?

Lets speculate for a while, I havnt time to write more followup questions but the main thing is, will he fix the economy with the large deficit which usa has today and will have when he no longer is the president elect?

God bless obama and the united state of america for the arabs will hit soon again
2008-11-07, 21:55

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OMG! It's Skynet! The end of the world!
2008-11-08, 10:51
I think ppl are focusing to much on his skin colour, he can be as fucked in the head as bush who knows he even talks like a white guy
2008-11-08, 11:24
"ppl are focusing to much on his skin colour" and then,
"he even talks like a white guy"
so please stop focusing on race yourself first.
2008-11-08, 12:07
i meant he doesnt talk like the allround steretype or whatever... but yeah good point there. =)
2008-11-08, 14:18
here comes CHANGE.. any second now!
2008-11-08, 18:56
Too much talk about him being black. 1. He is half white. 2. Why do so many "non-racists" think it is so important - surely his abilty to do the job should matter more?
2008-11-08, 19:07
im hoping that he will survive 4 yrs alive..
2008-11-09, 16:19
will he survive getting to be the president? 72 days left, eh?
2008-11-10, 18:38
Well, I am pretty unfamiliar with all the hype around that nigger . It's simply too early to make any opinions. Still, I'm glad that the new US prez is a black. THAT is probably the change he was talking about . But seriously, a black man in the White House? It seems that things are getting better...
2008-11-11, 11:38
lets hope he dont invade some country, Irak was a big fuckup.i just watched the documentary no end in sight
2008-11-11, 12:25
Heh. Kyoto agreement not being signed was a Senate decision, had nothing to do with the President.

For me, the only real issue at hand is the case of global terrorism on the part of religious fanatics for no cause other than their world view of getting rewards in an afterlife. I am convinced this kind of population is not compatible with the rest of society. They aren't insane, just the beliefs they have been led to believe are such as to make suicide bombing entirely rational. (If you honestly believed you and your family would get an ez road to paradise if you blew yourself up at a disco filled with infidels, it would be your number one priority to do so.) So the issue is getting rid of this kind of religious dogma (and any other dogma) from the world. Yes some of it is in the U.S., but the most radical is in M.E. and that's where the action should be.

So Obama has two choices. One, keep saying this is vietnam 2, pull out all the troups as they did in original vietnam, maybe even sign a bogus peace treaty, all that will be destroyed as soon as the last american is out of there (remember last helicopter out of vietnam?), and it will become a shithole again (look at the vietnam now). Two, keep the fight, remove religious dogma, upgrade their education from madrassah terror training camps to civilized high school, upgrade their economy, basically follow the example of such states as South Korea, Japan, where we went in with our troops hard and never left. Japan we dropped 2 nukes on, and that is what it took for them to come out of their 17th century dogma and become the third biggest economy of the world now.
2008-11-11, 12:28 <-- it resonates pretty good at times with what I'm talking about
2008-11-11, 12:34
2008-11-11, 14:30
Thanks for strengthening my point.
2008-11-12, 05:18
I dont think people will forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki ,Phil...
2008-11-12, 18:24
I dont think people will forget Nanking or Unit 731 either.

My point was that it took 2 nukes to get Japan to unconditionally surrender and, basically, be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Diplomacy, for lack of better words: did not work.
2008-11-12, 18:52
one bad thing about 9/11 was all the stupid songs about it.
i havent heard any songs about hiroshima
2008-11-13, 12:09
If nuking a country is all it takes to make a country civilized, then why not nuke Iraq and all other middle eastern countries? It sounds a lot cheaper than what is currently being done. I doubt it would have less casualties than the war has had so far.

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2008-11-13, 14:13
I'm only bringing up the Japan nuking as an example of how horrible a war can be and how wonderful the eventual outcome is, that could not have been without the war being won.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima were two main military production centers. I don't think there is any such thing in the Middle East... The principle is the same however: the easy thing to give up and run away and then you will have your second vietnam failure, or the hard thing to stay and fight and civilize the region.
2008-11-24, 22:27
'civilise the region' more like terrorize the region.
2008-11-25, 21:25
The region has had for the first time true democratic elections, people no longer are under threat of being kidnapped and raped by uday/qusay, there are no longer public executions during soccer intermissions, money for the oil is actually going into country infrastructure and not to build a gold toilet in saddam's palace, and so on. All the surrounding nations know that if a new iraq succeeds, they will be the next to lose power, so of course they are doing everything they can to fuck shit up, but that's not america's fault.
2009-01-02, 08:17
phil are u talking about how it is now? or how it where?
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