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Misc  /  5 Oct 2008, 22:46
QW in esports = the future?
The mainstream games in the fps community are crying for a new savior, the past years we have had Q3, CS and Painkiller as "the mainstream game" which have brought a lot of attention into the mainstream networks. But now there is a loop hole to fill in and a bunch of players and sponsors looking for something surprising.

What can be done for the sake of QW now that the E-sport world has no Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or Pete Sampras?
Lets get to the bottom of this and point out a few stuff that can be beneficial for QW if we get into the e-sport mainstream network;

1. Servers
2. Players
3. PR

Today we get servers from various people within the community whom get nothing in return, why is that? What are the other games doing that we aren't?

The best way to get stuff for the community is through sponsors and to do so, get published in the e-sport world.
Druidz with bps, locktar, goblin, reppie among their player are doing this exact thing, showing QW to the e-sport network.
The benefits they(we) get from this are two things, 1, new servers 2, PR.

The e-sport org. of Druidz have heavy sponsors, such as Gigabyte, Whitetiger (energy drink), Game city (internet cafe) and ExcellentServers. Think about having those sponsors for and the impact it can have on QW with for example more online servers. Im not quite sure about the position Druidz-gaming have in the esport world but think of the publicity a QW-clan can have within an esport org. such as SK (, mibr (made in brazil), MYM (meetYourMakers) or x3o (
The potential PR we could get from the main esport-sites (like gotfrag, esreality or sk-gaming) through out the world that could bring not only servers and money into qw but a hell lot of players.

With this Im not saying that lets make qw a mainstream game but just get it out there so we get more attention that we have right now! The only thing we have had the past years has been a few dreamhack tourneys (+ quakecon) that has brought QW abit in the esport communication streams.

There are a few missing holes here, I dont want the oldschool clans such as cMF, tVS and Slackers to get into the esport org. with their QW history and all!
But the uprising clans and the freelancing players such as the russian NO! and xantoms new mixclan could have potential of getting into am esport org..

When carmac joined SK and started advertising Q3, it became a big boom for the Q3-scene and we can do it as well imo since qw is A BETTER game than Q3 !!

So where do we start? what do we do?
Its about the div0 players now, we cant do much more! Bps has shown them the way and I hope they can talk to bps if they need some help.

Wouldn't it be cool if NO! were fnatic? or f0m were SK? and the potential PR, Servers + players we could get? just think about it!!!

In nqr14 I want to see clans such as SK, MYM, cMF, tVS, Slackers and fnatic!
Please give this to me and the QW community! Koff, f0m and no!, listen to my words and take some action, for the love of QW

ps. sorry for the errors here, I dont have all day to correct it
2008-10-05, 22:59
as u said it, its up a) to the div0 players to "rename" their clan and b) to the major esports clans to look to qw and accept a qw team.

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2008-10-06, 07:39
alot fewer spelling errors now than usual, sassa - have you been studying english?!
nice column, would be awsome if people took their "clans" to another level...
2008-10-07, 09:22
This is something that could help change QuakeWorld alot, and I hope that it's something that the newer top clans will consider.
2008-10-07, 11:16
Like sassa, I would like to see this happen. Again, its up to us to do it, this time the div0's "responsability". I ask them to consider this change and act together as clan, publically (or not) showing their will to play for a clan such as SK. This can be very good for the players, individually (they have sponsors!), for the clan, who has a elite team ALSO in qw, and for the qw community in general.

What about the leagues? imagine that SK and Slackers agree on merging the teams. I dunno, but i imagine NQR doest mean as much for SK like Clanbase or ESL. Top clans should play on a esreality site league. Invite only, 8 clans maybe?

Or maybe they don't care about where the div0's play, and playing on nqr/eql is fine to them. I dunno, i guess we have to ask them. And the first question imo to be done is: "how would you like to have a elite qw team. We're asking this to other esports multigame teams aswell. This way you could compete vs each other in yet another game. maybe even on the same sites you do the majority of your matches."

I known SK-Griff from qw where we worked as a team for challenge-smackdown. Im sure he remembers me, and i could contact him. I know he's open minded. I will not, at least until some div0's clans think about this.

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2008-10-07, 11:39
When you give away the leagues (or well, give someone an incentive to have a league with greater prizes than there currently are) you also give away most of the power to set the premises.

Also, what benefits do the Quakeworld players in Druidz get from the team? (apart from a website and free BNC ;p) Tickets, fares and stuff to DH/QH?
2008-10-07, 12:52
Right idea, but should start small steps to not blow it :p

Forget global for now, focus on scandinavia, or europe (germany/russia) there should be some sponsor looking for a new thing.

(There was such a thing with TQA3 in Russia, but nobody realized the potential)
2008-10-07, 13:26
I think this could be one way to bring attention to QW. Of the current big e-sport teams i think it's only SK and 4K that has some legacy in QW.

But I don't see any obvious reason why MyM or fnatic would reject the offer if some serious qw-team wanted to get under their wings. This alone would not to the trick.

Whatever teams that decided to go for it, would have to write match-reports, contribute with qw-stuff on their clan's-community www. Today there are only a few of us who bothers to now and then add news-items or articles on ESR. Besides, I think some of these clan-wwws allow anyone to contribute with stuff.
2008-10-07, 13:35
Wouldn't a good idea be to first try to convince esl to have a quakeworld duel & 4on4 league? The more that plays and watches qw the more big clans like SK will look at qw as a future game.
2008-10-07, 13:50
Zappater: Then we would have to give up our leagues in favour for ESL. There is not room for another league.

But I'm not sure how we would benefit from that. When I played Q3 in some clanbase-league, I would never browse the brackets of Unreal Tournament cups. Atleast I got the impression that what brings attention to a game is the published news-items about matches and interviews with players.

IMO we already have quality leagues and what is needed is to get coverage of those out on the big e-sport sites. Perhaps we could run div0 of NQR/EQL and qwdl in cooperation with ESL or something. To maximize exposure.
2008-10-07, 14:12
Anyone can write on ESR, you just need an admin (like Åke) to major your newsitem to the frontpage, so just get to work covering EQL8 guys!
2008-10-07, 15:40
You've also mentioned Quake 3 in this article. I'm not sure if you have noticed but lately there have been numerous Quake 3 LAN competitions with many top players attending. The reason for this is pretty much that the Q3 successor (in E-sports) is released soonish. As it's free and easy to install i bet many people with bad taste will go on to play that one, if any.
2008-10-07, 16:49
Hi nice blogg and nice comments.
Thanx all

I cant realy say what we give only the obvius stuff but we help them as much we can.
Its always hard to get cash but LAN wear, promotion, some hardware, and so on .
Its always hard but the longer they stay you better stuff they will get. And as soon as I meet them ill give them a hug and free stuff.
2008-10-08, 18:10
If nobody understood who shade is, he is the manager of Druidz

about the leagues, we shouldnt change from eql/nqr but put more exposure on them instead!! got a new laptop today so hard to write... will write more soon about my ideas
2008-10-09, 12:51
I think you are forgetting something... Czech Quake ( is a hyperactive supporter of growing Quake community, focused mainly but NOT ONLY on Czech Republic. Our latest on-line event, Bernard Oktoberfest (, got sponsored by Bernard brewing company (, which is one of the most respected local beer brands. This is the proof that you don't have to be afraid of asking companies for their support. In my humble opinion, the opportunity is around for quite a long time, but dreaming is not enough...
2008-10-10, 04:13
the whole concept of a 1996 game becoming popular is frightening and counter-productive for the computer gaming industry, most sponsors like nvidia will panic.
2008-10-10, 06:12
Why would they? People playing quakeworld are obsessed with their fps and wanting it above 1000 that included with wanting it to look better and better just makes players need to buy better hardware all the time.
2008-10-10, 07:05
Still, nvidia (and other computer hardware companies) aren't the only companies in the world. One of the more interesting things would be if one could get other, more mainstream, companies to sponsor tournaments. Like that beer company from cz for example (but with something more than a beer keg at stake, although beer is nice :p).
2008-10-10, 07:06
I think stuff like this requires a more organized task force for things to happen though, at least on a bigger scale. They need to know who they're handing any funds/whatever to.
2008-10-10, 15:18
I totally agree with your point, Ake Vader. It needs a proper by-gamers-for-gamers organisation. Inc. coming soon?
2008-10-10, 15:57
I also think that this requires organization. the kind of organization that can't be done on blog comments . so, what i propose for future comments on this blog is discussion about how to getting started on organizing.
2008-10-10, 16:30
The problem with that is that there are very few players (among the contributors) who are always available in the world of Quake. People get bored with the game, busy with real life issues and what not and take timeouts and vanish for months or even years (myself included). Also, those who stay have a bunch of stuff in their lap already - overload them even more and it's not unlikely they will get burnt out.

I have thought about starting some kind of non-profit organization for Quakeworld to handle stuff like organizing events and so on, but then i would be very picky with what people i would work with (and if it would be based in sweden, then the people would have to be swedish i think etc, which makes it even harder...) otherwise i don't think it would work out very well. These thoughts came up by the time i wrote and researched stuff related to the LAN cafe event idea (which Sassa was involved in too).

ps. I'm sorry if i hijacked the thread, after all it was clans & esports the blog was about.

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2008-10-10, 18:01
there is such organization, that have organized 11 events atleast.
2008-10-10, 19:26
#17 i have been yapping this for years.

strictly specialized sponsors are doom. they are one of the main links in the chain of specialized sponsors -> new games -> destroyed old community -> new hardware -> more money for specialized sponsors.

ppl do advertise nike and gatorade during soccer, but they also advertise cars and banks and whatever else, which dont have a vested interest in selling New! and Improved! soccer balls and shoes (bad analogy because soccer balls and shoes don't exactly re-start professional scenes from zero every time they are released, the way new games do... but u get the point)


I was thinking about quake3

Why not make QW look as MUCH as possible as quake3? Think about it. You wouldn't have to play with the quake3 eyecandy, but if you could make a spec machine on a LAN look like quake3, people would be looking at it going "wtf?? is that quake3? wow interesteing!!"

because let's face it, quake3 has more traction (the most in 1on1 world?) and while most people can't really tell much diff between the tactics of quake3 vs qw, they DO recognize quake3 visually.
2008-10-11, 09:33
this discussion would've made sense some years ago
2008-10-12, 11:56
2008-10-13, 06:40
aquashark, years ago there wasn't any professional eSports scene, and no teams who actually had money, like SK, fnatic and mym has today.
2008-10-13, 08:14
That is no true, I was a sponsored player back in 2003, and by that time some ppl I knew were already having very nice deals. maybe the esports teams didnt have as much money, but the sponsors pumped it in, This are indeed abit too late for qw I think =(
The big problem getting sponsors for qw would be that leagues and teams are way to unstable.. One thing that might help is to try to get Clanbase or some other big gamingsite to be hosts for a qw league (even tho same eql/nqr admins and rules remain), I think it would make a big difference.
2008-10-13, 08:59
Qhlan lasted longer than cpl?
Nqr has been running for almost as long as clanbase existed...

But I get the point, this thread is more about 'pro-gaming' and not what I would call e-sports...

However, there isnt 100000000 Halo players in the world because of the 3 tournaments/year where ~10 players will win some money.
2008-10-13, 09:23
Just read my own post and want to clarify that I do not in any way say that Clanbase/Esreality/etc/etc is more stable or better than nqr (as someone might have misunderstood me for). Nqr/eql admins are doing a great job. Its more the players that drop out/go inactive mid-season/games that dont get played/divisions that don't even get finished... that is the big problem.

I think a league hosted (exactly like now with same admins and rules) but on a big eSport community site could generate some more exposure. Not just the obvious that its on a page with much more hits, some are bound to stumble upon qw. I work quite a lot with web development and advertising and people tend to be more keen to look around and engage, more if its a website they are used to rather than a new one. This is especially true for linking.
2008-10-13, 10:16
Yes some teams and players were sponsored years ago, but we're talking about getting qw more exposure by getting big eSports teams to pick it up, how can that ever be too late?

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2008-10-13, 11:23
maybe not "too late" as in theres no possible outcome execpt of rangarok! but its way "too late" in the matter of great effect and shouldve been done more years ago
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