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Tournaments  /  18 Sep 2008, 16:22
semifinal of the loosers?
lacsap vs marklar

Who are they?

Xterm vs Fifi
Lithium vs cMF
Sweden vs Finland

They have always been on of the top10 duelers but never made it through to the finals, could this be the first time for one of them?
Pretty similar playing styles!

marklar is imo the more attacking player of these two and they were originally in my top10 list if I remember it correctly and their problem was inactivity but as I have heard, they have been quite active during DM6mania.

So who will win? I believe that the more defensive you are on dm6, the better is your chances of winning and when I examine these two players I see only some slight differences when it comes to skills.
The ping difference will not be that huge, I think they will play with ~26 ping each if marklar isnt as sweet as he always is! If he gives lacsap the same sweetness of touch as he gave ass he will have a tougher game.
Marklar is abit better with rl and lacsap abit better with lg.
It will be about the tactics and with the more defensive approach to dm6 tactics from lacsap will make him victorious in this semifinal-battle over the best loosers.
The lone dane is waiting there and I think he would rather face marklar than his old Slacker kamrat.
Lets get together tonight and enjoy this action packed battle with Peppe as our voice host!

Tonight 22 cet
2008-09-18, 16:25
ps. 2-0 for lacsap
2008-09-18, 18:27
2-0 for Fifi
2008-09-18, 18:35
2-1 for hagge
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