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NetQuake Today
We all know what QuakeWorld Today is: ezQuake, QTV, tourneys, div0-skills, new players and such - things I call progress. How about NetQuake?
Yes, NetQuake. Regular Quake, not QW. The thing you got out of the box in 1996, played online. I used to be a NetQuake player until 2004. It was fun, but frustrating after a while (no movement prediction sucks ass). I knew there was such a thing as QuakeWorld, but the reason I never tried it until 2003 is simple: I thought it sucked. There was even a command called 'qwsucks' in crmod (the then KTeams Pro equivalent). So how come I play QW for 4 years now? I got bored of the usual shitacting, aimbotting and lack of competitons. No progress in short. When I first tried ZQuake it felt really good, in fact I enjoyed it more than NQ, even for the first time. I didn't admit it though. So I continued playing NQ and a some QW, and little by little the latter took over. I stopped NQ completely. Big games, tourneys, many hungarian servers, skill, a great community and bunnyhopping were the things I loved the most. It was great. I also tried to convince others to join. My efforts remained futile.

4 years later...

I just had a brief visit to NetQuake. It hasn't got something you'd call a community. Only a couple of people playing FFA. It is hard to say what the worst thing is. I think it is a close-run contest between, people having misbeliefs about QW, the same shitacting players still around and two good players wasting their time with NQ. I took my time asking people about QW, here are the results:

I don't like qw

only spam

physics, the aim, and the lagg
Physics? QW has great physics, and the movement is just awesome. Aim? I felt a great increase in my LG skills after NQ. Lag? For the first time in years I was not lagging. It was a great feeling, as though breathing properly for the first time.

you lack alot of sounds... like.. you cant hear someone take mega from gl... you can in nq
That statement is just ridiculous.

that weird lagg, you aint where you are
You know where you are in QW, I assure you.

i rather have 150 nq lagg then qw
Are you sure? 150 in NQ is nasty.

and its hard to stop... if you stop walking, you continue a bit
Wrong. That's NQ over ping 30.

My point is that you should all start playing QW. That is the thing meant for Quake 1 online. It's a fact. I still play regular quake for single player, but that's it. QuakeWorld has more players, much more skill and a great community. Apart from map knowledge, some fun and new friends, I consider my NQ years a waste of time. It lacks skill and progress. QW has it!

A hungarian QW player once told me this:
Bent, just come over to QW. I also played NetQuake, and look at me now!
2008-08-28, 06:51
Hehe, i bet your post would work better if posted on
2008-08-28, 07:20
these are the same things we say about other quakes (2/3/4). Not that i would recomend anyone to quit qw and start q4. But once you learn a game, it can usualy be fun.
2008-08-28, 07:37
I started with q2, then switched to q3 when it became popular as q2 slowly died out. I payed competitively but then quit the whole thing because of lack of freetime.. than I decided to play for fun qw. As for many people the most attracting thing was about qw is the speed and air control. It simply gives layers of skills... Now Im back from a more or less constant 4-5 year break while I have tried many other fps but I must admit that nothing compares to qw in skill and fun.
2008-08-28, 10:12
simply the best!
2008-08-28, 11:57
THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-28, 16:01
Hahaha Spirit.... I actually read that post some time ago and thought about registering on that forum to comment on that ridiculous topic... but I didn't. I am however impressed by some of the netquake clients out there, like Qrack.
2008-08-28, 17:50
NQ has its place. I did some speedrunning, and was a lurker in the scene for a year or so. NQ has a very developed speedrunning community and history and I would never think to duplicate such a thing in QW beyond ztricks etc.

But asking NQers about QW is pointless like asking QWers about NQ because they don't know what they are talking about.

I tried both and QW is better. Less lag, better netcode. Maybe on LAN you could play NQ nicely, but thats it. in QW you have different physics yes, but the physics give the game an extra dimension.
2008-08-28, 19:30
Speedrunning is different. Sure its about regular quake, but not online. I was not talking about the speedrunning/qdq community. In fact, I love watching speedruns, and never play single player in QW. But quake1 online is QW, with (much) less lag and better netcode like you said. That's what NQers (players playing the game online, and not the speedrunners!) should realize.
2008-08-29, 07:24
Why is it the same to ask QW'ers about NQ? As asking NQ'ers about QW? Most QW players started out playing NQ, we know the difference, most of the people still playing NQ don't
2008-08-29, 13:30
Correct bent that's what I meant to say. And yes, that's true Zalon. I was talking about QWers who never tried NQ online for more then a couple hours. I think there are many of those. In general I just wanted to be fair and say "X are as clueless about Y as Y are clueless about X, where both are clueless if they don't know the other side."

But ye, anyone who tried Netquake online for more than a day will know what a pain it is. Yes, you know "everything is where everything is" but that means you are ice skating and basically playing half a second behind your physical actions, and NQers ironically call this "real time". Only in lan does NQ work as intended. In QW there is prediction and with an old client and a high ping (200+) you will indeed be killed by rockets that are not there. But with modern clients and modern pings (13-100) this does not happen.
2008-09-04, 14:01
I think NetQuakers hate QW because it ruined their community. Look, how many players QW have in comparison to NQ. Many QW players were playing NQ, and QW not only "steal" these people, it is also a reason why new people didn't came! QW have bigger community, better clients, better netcode, advanced movement technique (it is important for players who liked strafejumping in Q2/Q3 or wsw/cpma/defrag movement), more support, leagues, events - there is simply no reason why newb should choose NQ instead of QW. Choice is even more simple if you realize that these 2 things looks almost the same.
So, QW = NQ death, and some people just can't get over it... they play FFA and RuneQuake with the same people for years.
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