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Tournaments  /  16 Jul 2008, 17:38
DM6Mania intro
The enjoyment of the summer sun is not enough for many quakers, so when we finally get our beloved sun, dr.Phil starts the quest of finding the best player on the big duel maps.
Its now time for my and phil's favourite map:
DM6 - The DarkZone.

Lets see who the new King of The DarkZone willl be!
Lets talk a bit about dr.phil:
I remember when he did the basketball mod for QW which showed me how far you could go with the qw engine, competition wise.
After a while we (him and I) started making movies out of old NQR/EQL finals/semifinals with commentators mp3 for promotion of QW.
He moved then on to the competition section of QW with his new modified bot tourney:
The LGC2 >>> the duel ladder >>> ztndm3 tourney and now finally his and mine favourite map, DM6.
Now lets stop talking sassaish and start digging into the mud.

91 signups and I will try to pick out my top 20 players and somehow put the favourite in front of you

Top 16-20


They are all pretty good and can upset but I doubt that they will beat any other than the punch bags
Watch out for casey,he can upset alot if he gets his LG on fire, soma has a bad lg too be able of competing in the top sections.
B1aze, slabi and xpr are all kurwas and can upset (by ping favour) but I doubt it, I really miss avenger/bulat/insane from the kurwa department!

Top 8-15

spktron5000 (spoink)

They have it all, but because of the lack of activity or having a high status name, they will not fit into my top #7-1
Dont know in what fit Spoink, bps and fix are due to inactivity but they can surprise if they get active and start to kick some ass, specially bps if he gets his mood on.
Eh is normally a great tp player and I dont have a clue how good he is in 1on1 tourneys but I have seen some games vs Gamer. Eh have looked quite sharp so he might go far!?!
Goblin, mawe and phrenic are all good 1on1 players and the better one on dm6 is perhaps phrenic and the worst is goblin, some people say he (goblin) is pretty good on dm6 but even I beat him when Im inactive and he was still very active, the guy just stinks with his normal dm6 tactics (get lg and then get lg vs lg fights).

Top 1-7 players:

marklar (fifi)

They are the so called div0 of 1on1, all of them are inactive except locktar
I have seen several of them being playing the past days but I think they will do a mutilator during this tourney, at least most of them, that is playing only official games + perhaps some warm-up before their games.
The winner will be the one that cares the most.

My final top3

#3 Paradoks
We all know that he is a great dm6 dueller and he loves to compete, he will take this seriously and get far into the tourney. Watch out big-bird from denmark!

#2 griffin
The god from above, yes!
God gave us Griffin after the devil sent Dag to the world of QW isnt that catchy?
He is from what most people say the opposite of Dag, energy, attack and making sure of putting QW on the gaming-map.
He will somehow get far, but the return of the king will be tough, many people want to be the one that "kicked griffin out of his first online tourney in 5? years" yes, who want to be the first?

#1 Gamer
This dude knows it all, its not only the king of TP but he can master all maps with all kind of tactics.
Just watch demos from his ownage-tourney games and you will understand why he is the master.

My hopes and thoughts:

I deeply hope (and believe) that dr.Phil will make no exceptions when it comes to delayed games and walk overs. He will not care if Griffin dosnt care, the show has to continue for the bigger purpose, showing us that he can run a tourney and keep the deadlines intact.

The grand final is my biggest hope, the guy who took the cs flame from Dag, Gamer!
Him versus the attacking power of Griffin can be a very hot final, Im not saying that reppie, locktar, fifi and lacsap are not good enough, its just what I think the outcome of this tourney will look like.
Reppie can do some damage (or alot of damage hehe) he is after all reppie.
Locktar, the Dreamhackx2 champion cant do shit on dm6, sorry locketoppen, I still want you naked in your car.
Fifi, he is like fix, cant take a tourney seriously any longer, shame but true.
Lacsap/xterm/pascal, has potential, his dm6 skills is nothing you kid-around-with. Can upset alot of people IF he gets active.

So lets all get on the servers or tune in our QTV channels to see who the next Eurpean DarkZone champion will be!
2008-07-16, 22:13
Wow. Nice to see you write some actual read-worthy coverage again after your blackouts earlier this year.

And phil was already fairly ruthless when it came to delays in the ztndm3, so I don't think delays will be an issue.
2008-07-16, 22:52
keep your eyes on Unstar too
2008-07-16, 23:01
Call me Dr.phil one more time and I will check your prostate with a gutter knife

2008-07-16, 23:03
p.s. fifi looked pretty serious in ztndm3 :>
2008-07-16, 23:21
Nice prediction! Keep it up.
2008-07-17, 12:29
gj sassa
2008-07-17, 14:39
It's indeed nice to read a sensible post in this blog too.
2008-07-17, 21:35
2008-07-18, 11:06
lol @ dr phil. nice predictions.
2008-07-18, 13:30
I can see nitemare easily in top 20 if he plays more often!
2008-07-18, 16:21
sassa is BACK!!!
2008-07-19, 15:58
I'd agree with Nosfer4tu, but hasn't that been the case for like 3 years now? nitemare always does really well when he's active for a few weeks, but then he stops playing again for months on end.
2008-07-19, 17:33
His lg is the killer and its true that he can be top20 if he plays often but I doubt that he will be there!
TBH, I havnt looked at the brackets to see who will go furthest!
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