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Maps  /  22 Apr 2008, 12:59
Hug your antilope
Come with me for at a trip to Kenya. This time we will travel via
EDC: Eternal Dismemberment Complex by Tyrann.

Eternal Dismemberment Complex is a small quake2-textured map with 3 levels. Beautiful looks and good gameplay. I am not the person to know about the "pro 1on1 duel ultra" abilites of this map but I think it is great fun! So, try it. The layout is a bit confusing at first. You will find the armors and mh placed interestingly (at least I do) and well supporting balanced games. There is a bit much ammo maybe.

Download Eternal Dismemberment Complex - (210 Kilobytes)
It seems to be in the common map selection on the servers, yay!
2008-04-22, 13:01
mawe let's try it?
2008-04-22, 14:53
I'm game!
2008-04-23, 10:14
king of tuesday kenya? who will take sassa's steps?
2008-04-23, 12:44
yepp, cool map
nice of you to highlight it.
2008-05-04, 14:12
it was gg
2008-05-04, 20:40
do some more level reviews, Spirit.
there are hardly any knowledgeable level reviews for multiplayer maps out there.
2008-05-05, 07:48
Oh there is the where I got this map from too. :p

Yeah, will do. I hope will arise somewhen...
2008-05-07, 10:35
Spirit you should do maybe as weekly/fortnightly map review in main page.
It would be really great.
2008-05-24, 21:18
fun map
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