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This template is used to display a team and then its players on one (comma separated) line together.

Russia RussiaBilly The Kid, gLAd, Zeppski, Quake, Bulat, Gorgoroth, NLK, SS, Max Power


The name of the team. By default, it will not be linked.
If set, the name of the team is linked.
Changes color of team name to lighter gray (does not work if team is linked).
Country flag using two letter ISO code. Use tbd for TBD. Leave empty to hide flag entirely.
If set to 2, player names will move under team.
|(after last pipe)=
Anything entered here will display to the right of the team.
Note: When listing players, please use comma followed by a space (, ) between each player.
By default players are printed with small, light gray text, but this template supports the us of {{player}} so that individual players can have flag, link or abbr.

More uses

Example 1

On 2 rows, with full use of {{player}} for each name:

{{TeamAbbr|Russia|flag=ru|rows=2|{{player|Billy The Kid|flag=ru}}, {{player|gLAd|flag=ru}}, {{player|Zeppski|flag=ru|link=Zepp}}, {{player|Quake|flag=ru}}, {{player|Bulat|flag=ru}}, {{player|Gorgoroth|flag=ru}}, {{player|nlk|flag=ru}}, {{player|SS|flag=ru}}, {{player|Max Power|flag=ru}}}}

Gives us:
Russia Russia
Russia Billy The Kid, Russia gLAd, Russia Zeppski, Russia Quake, Russia Bulat, Russia Gorgoroth, Russia nlk, Russia SS, Russia Max Power

Example 2

Within {{GroupTableSlot}}:

{{GroupTableSlot| {{TeamAbbr|Australia|flag=au|Yeti, HarlsoM, dracs, blindcant, swoop}} |place=2 |win_m=2 |lose_m=3 |win_g=4 |lose_g=7 |diff=-3 |bg=}}
2. Australia AustraliaYeti, HarlsoM, dracs, blindcant, swoop 2-3 4-7 -3


{{TeamAbbr|Teamname|flag=tbd|player1, player2, player3, player4}}