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Template for a prizepool table for tournaments. See also {{PrizepoolSEnoprize}} and {{PrizepoolSEnoprizeNolink}}.


The code:

|p1=Zepp |f1=ru |m1=$3,000
|p2=Lordlame |f2=ie |m2=$1,500
|p3=Avenger |f3=pl |m3=$1,000
|p4=Blixem |f4=nl |m4=$500
|p5=carapace |f5=se |m5=$350
|p6=Rock |f6=fi |m6=$250
|p7=Milton |f7=fi |m7=$200
|p8=blAze |f8=fi |m8=

Gives us:


Sets number of players. Allowed inputs are 1,2,3,4,6,8,16.
Caps when the toggle appears (default 4).
Must be set to "true" in all cases except number=4.
Currency of the prizes. Is displayed in the title line.
Ignore this, and manually add symbol for each value.
Name of the Xth player. Leave empty for TBD.
Flag of the Xth player. Leave empty for default flag TBD.
Team of the Xth player. Probably shouldn't use this.
Amount of prizemoney for the Xth player.


This declares additional table CSS styling.
Parameter "true" enables the 'Team' column. Shall this parameter be missing or assigned a value other than "true", the column 'Team' will not appear in the table.
Sets a different width for the first prize column. Default value is 85px.
Sets a different width for the player column. Default value is 200px.
2nd currency, in which prizes are converted for simpler reading. Most likely "USD".
Symbol of the converted currency. Most likely "$".
Amount of the converted prize for the Xth player.


|p1= |f1=|m1=|t1=|c1=
|p2= |f2=|m2=|t2=|c2=
|p3= |f3=|m3=|t3=|c3=
|p4= |f4=|m4=|t4=|c4=
|p5= |f5=|m5=|t5=|c5=
|p6= |f6=|m6=|t6=|c6=
|p7= |f7=|m7=|t7=|c7=
|p8= |f8=|m8=|t8=|c8=
|p9= |f9=|m9=|t9=|c9=
|p10= |f10=|m10=|t10=|c10=
|p11= |f11=|m11=|t11=|c11=
|p12= |f12=|m12=|t12=|c12=
|p13= |f13=|m13=|t13=|c13=
|p14= |f14=|m14=|t14=|c14=
|p15= |f15=|m15=|t15=|c15=
|p16= |f16=|m16=|t16=|c16=

Adapted from Liquipedia