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After making Flag ru.gif CCCP not Russian at all, moltas, votary, overdose and squeeze decided to leave them alone and start their own team. Cara came from Magnum 44, a div2 team which he joined right after making his comeback as he had been away for years and phrenic left Slackers 2, a team that didn't even have four active members at that point.

As the clan started just after EQL Season 13 came to an end they had to survive until September 2011 to play in EQL Season 14. During the summer a lot happened in the team, first Squeeze left the team to play with Tossers, then Moltas joined TeamKillers and Skillah joined the team. In August 2011 Kingpin, like Skillah also ex-Fusion, joined they left the clan to form the new team Crazy 88.

When the signups of EQL Season 14 opened, Carapace joined Suddendeath.


  • Founded: April 13, 2011 by votary, cara, overdose, phrenic, squeeze and moltas
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Clan prefix: [s]
  • Clan colors:  10    5  
  • IRC channel: #sublime (QuakeNet)


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