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Rock is an earlier version of Rocka

Being Sweden alice first map, Rock is a gloomy, dark castle where dynamic tactics for positional control is paramount.

For a quick grip of the map layout one can compare it to having a High-RL/Quad area in the same type of way that dm2 has. This "high area" does not have any spawn points - and is only accessible through the maps only teleport. However it is also approachable via 3 different "shortcut jumps" where you jump on top of your teammate on stairs, similar to the quad-shortcut on dm2.

A dynamic and fast paced sensitive tactic required to uphold the important control points.

Factors for the fast pace is the map layout that encourage smooth physical movement and ability to attack and break control points.

For 2on2 it's intended to motivate highly tactical movement and coherency with your mate for strong attack routes to quad / holding the quad control.

Key items:
2 RL, 1 RA, 1 YA, 2 MH, 1 Quad