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A large health box which adds 100 points to your health. Any health points accumulated over 100 will "bleed away" over time. Normaly you can never have more then 250 health. (So picking up a mega while having 200 health will bring you up to 250 health.) Due to a "bug", if you pick up a mega while bleeding off another mega, the second mega will double the bleed off rate, so your health will go down to 100 twice as fast! This is most important on DM2 where you might need to trade off less megahealth time in order to be able to lock both megas against your opponent

The Mega Health will respawn 20 sec after the player who has it gets health below or equal to 100.

Note that the mega health has a five second cooldown after it spawned before it will start a countdown when picked up and depleted immediately.

Example: Player picks up mega immediately when it spawns at 00:10 and at the very same moment catches a rocket to the face so he's below 100h. The mega health cooldown of five seconds after pick up had not ran out before player was below 100h so the next mega health will now spawn in 20s + 5s, i.e. at 00:35.

Had the player picked up the mega on 00:20 instead and immediately gone below 100h it would have spawned on 00:40.

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