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Andreas Theel, aka "Andy" (or at other times "SimplyBAG"), is the greatest German of all time. He no longer plays Quakeworld, simply because he became bored with being the best and not having any further challenges left in the game. These days he fills his life with his other hobbies - furiously masturbating over Gina Wild films, composing Norwegian black metal and plotting the downfall of his eternal nemesis, Thantos.

UPDATE EARLY 2011: ANDY HAS BEEN PLAYING QW AGAIN! God is back. UPDATE #2: Andy has joined Osams where he is playing with Gaz. This is the third clan they have played in together. Love is in the air, once again.


  • Real name: Andreas Theel
  • Date of birth: 30.12.1982
  • Nationality: Flag de.gif German
  • Current clan: Osams
  • Smackdown admin
  • Villains admin
  • UKCL admin

Clan history



  • "Come on baby, fuck my ass"
  • "Bringing a girl to a LAN is like throwing a cat into a lake full of trouts"
  • "gazer than gay"

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