A Frag in the Darkness

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A clan ranking site started and maintained by Hobbex of Devil's Advocates, and one of the biggest Quake sites in Scandinavia from 1996 to 1998.

Hobbex started the site in November 1996. In November 1997, close to 150 clans were registered, mainly Scandinavian and Finnish. The archives are poor, but Flag fi.gif Clan Z still played AFITD matches in July 1998, so it's safe to assume it was still alive and relevant at that time. The clans reported official matches with screenshots, sometimes comments, and Hobbex presented the results on his site.

A Frag in the Darkness started out as a simple collection of statistics and clan match history, before Hobbex decided to make a ranking system for HPW and LPB clan wars. Flag no.gif Carnage Clan was 1st on the LPB rankings, thus arguably the best Nordic clan at at that time. When they dissolved the clan to form Flag no.gif Game Over in November 1997, Flag se.gif Teddy Bears became the new leading LPB clan. Flag se.gif Brutal Deluxe and Flag se.gif Clan 9 were also among the top LPB clans. Flag se.gif Clan A was the best HPW clan, with high ping players from Flag se.gif Teddy Bears, Flag se.gif Swedish Chefs and Flag se.gif Da Swedish Mob also doing well. The rankings as of January 1998 is shown below.

The site was not run as an exclusive league or tournament. All official matches - everything from a simple, friendly match where one clan had challenged the other, to league matches from Norwegian Quake League, Swedish Quake League and Danish Quake League - could be reported to the ranking system of A Frag in The Darkness.

Hobbex' rules were simple: «The rankings are based on internal battles, you are always placed above clans that you have beaten. When a circle occurs (clan A beats B, B beats C, C beats A) one of the matches is ignored. Which one is ignored, is decided by me, based on either which is most simple to ignore, or which is the oldest. My word is final.»

LPB ranking (Jan '98)

HPW ranking (Jan '98)