Danish Quake League

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The first Danish clan league. It was started by Garfield of Nasty Beasts Inc. back in 1996, but was eventually taken over by a new team of admins led by Freefrag of Aggressive Tendencies. The league eventually included Quake II and Quake III Arena too. The league was still active in 2001, but by then it was mostly Quake III Arena being played. As archives are poor, the results from the first three Quake/QW seasons are unknown.

For further information, see Danish Quake League's old home page (working).

LPB division

HPW division

  • 9th season (1999): Cult 13
  • 8th season (1999): Vikings
  • 7th season (1998): Gods of the Heathens
  • 6th season (1998): Vikings
  • 5th season (1998): Vikings
  • 4th season (1998): Vikings